Updated Rural Carrier Salary Charts Released

The salary schedules below reflect a retroactive $1,935 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) effective August 28, 2021, a retroactive 1.3% General Wage Increase (GWI) effective November 20, 2021, and a $1,311 COLA effective February 26, 2022. The PTF hourly rates reflect the recalculation due to the additional Juneteenth holiday.

Note: Leave replacements on Tables Three and Four receive a 1.3% GWI and 1% wage adjustment in lieu of COLA. These payments are effective November 20, 2021.

NEW: Updated Rural Carrier Salary Charts Released


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So what pay period are they anticipating we get all these increases?

Not accurate…its April…this says effective last february. My salary is still the old table as of paycheck for april 15

Should be effective current (PP09-2022) pay period that started on 9 April.

When we get our back pay, which ought to come out to around $900 after taxes, will be another matter.

Our mighty union will see that we get it within the next six months or so. I’ve been in the union for 39 years and I tell all the new hires to not waste their money. Our union rolls over like a circus dog.

Nothing is quick with these idiots, it’ll take to July before we see anything and they always put our backpay on our regular check so the federal taxes eat half of it. It’s total BS!

Let’s see if we get it before the next cola needs to be added to it

I would like to see the USPS and the government tell the truth for a change. I’m a K47 @ 2018 mail count standard eval, then the union approves the RRECS beta testing from March till who knows. They will drag it on and on. We’re screwed. I’ve seen enough, so, I’m retiring with 43 years Total Federal Time-In-Service. I’m done.

Inflation past 12 months is 8.5% that’s at least what cola should be plus GWI. Union is such a joke they just roll over and take it

What a damn joke. Already severely underpaid if you are on table 2. But hey make sure you follow all policies or else you’ll get a negative observation lol

My pay has not increased, but decreased. My route has grown TREMENDOUSLY!! The union has been paid off. I understand what my elders say now!!

Just checked my pay for this week…still no updated salary to reflect this new chart. Wtf is going on?

They say it should be paid on the June 4th pay check! Awful that we work so hard to wait on pennies! Still waiting on that covid hazard pay from this discouraging company!

Dam I thought it was are only city union sucks looks like every station. We have 50 rts in are city but 5 Subs and they never hire but CCA. And the union’s does care at all.And waiting till June for pay increase BS.