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Updates from the NRLCA Eastern States Conference

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The coalition the NRLCA has joined with Apwu/mail-handlers/NALC is very important as we lay aside our differences to fight for 6 day delivery, continued door-to-door delivery, fighting plant closing, and the very survival of the postal service. Although the jury is still out in regard to the new PMG, history and press was made with the first meeting of negotiations with the first ever FEMALE PMG and a female union president.

A great deal of time was spent discussing the engineering time study. Basically these three engineers have to gather the data. Then once that is done everything can be re-examined including the L and non-L routes. There was concern that there were issues with some of the time study scanners not pairing and the possible loss of data. Joey assured everyone that even if there was a problem with one or two, there were approximately 1500 being used and only 400-500 actually needed for the study.

Susan Knapp wanted to get word out that there was a problem with the RCA’s going into a leave earning status. The data base is messed up. The default program is putting them in the lower pay schedule.

She also stressed that carriers need to let their DR know if they are receiving inappropriate text msg (customer complaints, mail left at office, etc.) Only text allowed is something like tornado coming take shelter – emergencies) Its not just a matter of being compensated – its a safety issue.

In regard to setting up scanner we are not required to actually read the texts and advertisements, just click through them. David Heather says everyone should have new scanners by September.

There was a question about Amazon delivery of parcels that have no mail receptacle on street but have po boxes. Some PMs are requiring delivery of these parcels. They are wrong. Contact your ADR. If addressed to the no mail receptacle street address, then they are to be endorsed no mail receptacle. If addressed to the po box, then they are placed in equipment along with other po box mail and taken to the applicable office of the po box. No street delivery.

Another question asked was about a POOM demanding carriers be back in office by 5 pm everyday even though the later start times and a lunch break do not even allow for the full route evaluation by 5 pm. David Heather addressed this question. He said carriers are entitled to work their full evaluation, this cannot be reduced by the POOM or anyone else. The 603 specifically states that the start times have to be realistic. Certain criteria has to be met for them to force you to take DPS to street. You need to contact your adr/dr immediately.
Another question was asked about being required to get signature on glass or have 3849 signed if NOT part of time study. David Heather stated that you as always follow direction of management of course. But he felt sure you would find signing of the glass much easier. Just make sure they not only sign but put the address as well otherwise it would kick it out and prompt you to 3849 signed.

Regarding the additional scanner functions that were given to the carriers without notifying the national office as required. Charges have been filed with the labor board for violating this requirement. A Step 4 has not been filed yet.

Another question on whether Academy trainers would be given training module for teaching the new scanners and practice scans be given that would not upload into the system.
Traylor said the current policy is that the new RCAs are to be taught in the office just the same as the current RCA’s and regulars are. However he made a note in his book and said that was something that should be considered – glad the question was addressed.
All national officers expressed that they will be seeking re-election. In addition, Shirley Baffa from Arkansas has announced she is seeking election as Executive Committeeman in Reno.

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