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US Postal Service workers found rank-and-file committee

Fellow USPS workers,

Rural letter carriers have seen their wages plummet under the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS), city carriers are working without a contract, and mail handlers, clerks and other crafts see their jobs threatened as US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s “Deliver for America” plan aims to close a third of post offices in the coming years.

Within weeks of implementing RRECS in May, the majority of rural carriers reported a marked decline in wages, in many cases between $10,000-20,000 per worker. Six US senators wrote DeJoy to say that 66 percent of rural carriers had seen their paychecks shrink, while at least 14,000 lost 20 percent or more of their wages.

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Hector Cordon
Hector Cordon
22 days ago

The rank-and-file meeting had a UPS workers from the Worldport Hub expose how the Teamsters contract was completely inadequate except for the full-time workers at the top. Two-thirds of UPS employees are part time, underpaid and overworked. Sounds pretty similar to postal work. The committee is a cross-craft organization, uniting all postal workers. Read the statement, there is a link to get more info.

21 days ago

On average I work about 10 hours a week for free after RRECS was implemented. I get paid for 40 hours but work almost 50 hours. I’ve started looking for another job. I don’t have any faith that anything will change on October 7th with our next evaluation. RIP USPS

20 days ago

I fantasize about an 8 hour workday. Having a life again 😔

18 days ago

The first check I received with my $4,000 pay cut, I walked into my Postmaster’s office and gave him my written two notice of resignation. He told me he was sorry and he would do anything to change my mind to stay EXCEPT pay me fair wages. He himself resigned a month later. I don’t blame DeJoy. It’s all a game to those getting kickback from Jeff Bezos free shipping on the backs of the mail carriers who risk their lives everyday. Totally NOT OK. I stood up for the principle of it, not the money.

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