USPS delays rollout of new pay system after data shows pay cuts for rural carriers

The Postal Service is delaying the implementation of a new pay system that would currently lead to many rural carriers seeing significant pay cuts.

The National Rural Letter Carriers Association announced last Friday it reached an agreement with USPS to postpone the new pay system, the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS).

Deputy Postmaster General Doug Tulino told the union in a memo Friday that USPS now plans to push the launch of RRECS from April 22 to May 6.

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They should use this period as the test, a teachable moment, and scrap it. The next one will be the real deal now that we know what is expected of us.


Since USPS has no intention of actually training us, where can I go to seek compensation for the many hours I have spent online looking for answers and correct ways to scan items in order to get the credit for my route deliveries?

Get your money back quit the union. Get rid of the people they hired for rrecs

If everyone is doing the work in a right and safety way, scanning, mapping, and to remind everyone that because of the union we are having COLA and other benefits that us don’t see it. Be in touch with union and be part of. Don’t forget “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” I bet that most of rural carriers don’t know or never read one single page of our contract.Attend union meetings and educate your self and inform your co -workers. To be united is better than to be alone.

Our office discovered district going in and altering numbers on the 4003’s that had already been approved. Then making up numbers they wanted. Seriously I would question if your route went up did they plan to give you all the hours it did or just some? Think about it, look into it, it’s completely against the law what we have found. I have proof. We reached out to the president of the NRLCA in our area Kathy Cook only to be told to hush up. Only then the examples we gave to her for help on this matter were taken… Read more »

Hey andis , I learned a long time ago that the best way to deal with these morons that we call management is to know more than they do. As for the union I’ve been a member for forty years and every time the contract comes up they sell us out. I can remember a time when the union had teeth, nowadays all they want to do is gum a problem. Opm is processing an average of thirteen thousand retirements a month and I’m one of them because I’m fed up with a weak union and sick of being screwed… Read more »

Andis, most people know more than these union shills. I’ve called the union many times and never once were they even remotely helpful. They siphon money away from hard working carriers and then sell us up the river with a bullshit system that doesn’t work correctly. They should never have agreed to this until they could see all the data and know how it would work.

Leaving the union was the best decision I’ve made in my time at the post office. They are beyond worthless.

Hey calib, right on brother. I tell all new hires , don’t waste your money joining the union. I also tell them what ever decision they make is fine with me just don’t blame me when they’ve wasted their money. If management ain’t screwing you your union is.

I’m sorry Andis but I’ve delt with the union on different matters I’ve read the contracts the mou I’ve done the reps job for them even had the proof only to be told by my lying union rep that I was reading it wrong I went to school to be a paralegal I can read a contract it worthless because they change it for their own ends and yes I quit the union

Hey sound like your route went up. Maybe you should give a shit about a pay system that has cut up to 30k a year for some. If that happened to you id bet your smug ass wont be pro union

they need to go back to the old way to count mail at least we can see what is going on

There is no reason whatsoever for the new pay process to be delayed! RRECS shows how much these lazy, whiny postal employees have been over paid for the last 15 years! It’s about time their pay comes down to reality!!

That’s a hot take there Bob.
An asinine take, but a hot take none the less.

Union Bob invented RRECS..what a clown

Union Bob my route dropped a little but not as much as others. That being said. We have to stand together or we won’t have jobs worth going too.

Thank god I never joined the union…been an RCA on a Aux route 4 years now, 6 days a week. Had to work Sundays and Holidays delivering Amazon the first 3 years. Never took sick leave for Covid…first 2 years they had my barcode wrong on my badge. Didn’t exist in the computer system till last year. Took them 2 years to negotiate a 1% raise…this year they are cutting my pay by 7%??? Yeah, no thanks…I’m done with this monkey show.

I’ll tell you what pisses me off. I check everyday, multiple times a day, and no update on the rrecs from the union. It’s like they have disappeared. We should have at least get daily updates from them even if nothing has changed. Peoples livelihood is at stake. I shouldn’t care because I’m retiring but I’ve been in the union for forty years and I feel I’ve wasted my money. I blame the union for this more than I do management. The union sold us out by agreeing to this before all the bugs was worked out. They have sold… Read more »

Get out of the Union they are too soft on this issue, POS Union we have when carriers are losing $5K+ a year no F Union Stewart knows anything, fighting for fair wages…my àšh