USPS: Done deal – USPS, NRLCA sign new contract

Pictured: PMG Megan J. Brennan and NRLCA President Jeannette Dwyer, seated, sign the new agreement at USPS headquarters. Joining them are, from left, USPS Contract Administration Manager Cathy Perron, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson, Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino, NRLCA Vice President Ronnie W. Stutts and USPS Labor Relations Specialist Reggie Rabon.

Postal Service and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) leaders recently signed a new three-year labor contract that covers approximately 120,000 USPS employees represented by the union.

The contract was signed by PMG Megan J. Brennan and NRLCA President Jeannette Dwyer at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

It is the first negotiated agreement between the Postal Service and NRLCA in more than 20 years.

“This is a fair and responsible agreement that is in the best interest of our employees, our customers and the future of our organization. The Postal Service values and appreciates the NRLCA collaboration that was instrumental in achieving a negotiated agreement,” said Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino.

The contract includes annual general wage increases, a reduction in the employer share of health premiums, and the creation of an employee category, assistant rural carrier, to primarily handle weekend and holiday parcel deliveries.

In April, NRLCA members ratified the contract, which runs through May 20, 2018.

Source: Done deal | USPS News Link

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Bring on the arcs, though dunno how we can hire them if we can’t even find RCA’s anymore.

We have 18 rural RTS n 5 subs… Can’t keep em

had an rca hired…quit first week….

It’s easy you just drive around all day. Hahahaaaaaa

It’s easy you just drive around all day. Hahahaaaaaa

You people screwed yourselves in accepting no pay raises.Jeanette Dwyer is in bed with Megan Brennan and does not care about your best interests. The NRLCA should be dissolved and merge with the NALC. There is no reason for two carrier unions anymore.

You think nalc will have our best interests at heart? Lol

Not when they want us to case and deliver like city carriers now

I agree. I was called in to do a city route 3 times and was completely confused. The way they do things is so different than the way I was taught

Look at your contract compared to the other unions now and when they are settled in arbitration and you will see how much better they are..Many routes that were rural are now city and the NRLCA has always been the weakest of the postal unions.

Happy Days Are Here Again…….

This is BS. A raise is No Good when they take it right back by paying less benefits. I thought our Union stood for Us , the Carriers but obviously NOT

I’m a RCA sub and I personally think the main problem is that when we “loan” ourselves out to a new office we get treated like 2nd class citizens because we can’t just walk in and do the route in evaluating time. Also people aren’t retiring like they use to. Who wants to be a sub for 15 years. That means no benefits or anything for us. We always seemed to get blamed when something goes wrong.

We can’t afford to retire, and usually when something is wrong it is the sub. We’ve all been there. Three days to learn a route isn’t enough and then to only carry once a week, once every other week or as needed makes it very difficult for you subs to learn all you need to know in a ever changing job.

It is difficult for us to learn. It took me a year to get my 90 days up.

A regular got pissed today because he didn’t take Monday papers but we didn’t even get them until this morning. She never has anything nice to say.

Regulars make mistakes but hate to admit it. If you have good subs, treat them accordingly. You can’t trash them all because of a few bad apples. Regulars need to remember where they came from. They used to be on those exact same shoes unless they got lucky and were hired in at a good time.

Well said.

Ridiculous…. How did they agree to a mail count during spring break!!! Amazingly stupid leadership

We didn’t it was arbitration the last time that is why

Terri L Board the union agreed to it…. It wasn’t arbitration… My route went down over 4 hrs because I’m heavy on businesses … Mail picked right back up after count… Ridiculous!!!

Terri is correct. Last contract went to Arbitration which means we have no say. The arbitrators put it in “just in case” the time study wasn’t ready. They didn’t expect it to actually take this long! Our routes went up, so…

Amanda I’m with you I’m also a Sub and have refused to work other offices because of how I’ve been treated for bringing mail back I’ve been forced to work a second job to supplement my income, I’m not complaining about that part, but I do not want to be treated poorly because I do not know the route in another office. I’m only working 4 days a month on a constant basis unless my Regs take off in my regular office, it’s just not enough $ to survive on

I have been treated better and had no problem with smaller routes at another office, even running a route blind. I hold down down an aux now, so am at the mercy of management when we have call ins and such. The post office needs to bring the rural side into the 21st century and realize the people working today need more than a day a week to make ends meet and stick with a job. As much as regulars hate it, I think formula offices are the way of the future, and PTF positions will become much more common,… Read more »

Brandi McGovern please forgive my ignorance but what is a formula office I work in a small rural office 2 routes and love it

Formula office is when K routes have days off besides Saturday

I have been retired a year and a half. Before that I worked for USPS in various positions and I worked 32 years in various positions. When I started back in 1982 it was the same way, could not get enough work so had to have a 2nd job. Hard to learn and remember anything working a day a week. I was part-time for 22 years before I got full time. So as you can see nothing has changed in many years. I retired as a postmaster and I guarantee that I never forgot where I came from. Upper management… Read more »

They’re all smiling. That can’t be good.

When does new contract become effective?

Already is.

Yeah let’s create a new category when we can’t even find enough RCA’s to work as it is

Ugh I don’t want to be paid by the hr I get done way before my evaluation most days I would lose sooo much money if we get paid by the hr