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USPS has established an anti-harassment info line

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The toll-free number is a resource for employees on steps to take:

The Postal Service has established a toll-free phone number for employees and managers seeking guidance on what actions to take in the event of an incident of alleged harassment.

The number is 877-521-4272.

Harassment is unwelcome behavior that an individual finds offensive and harmful, and that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile or abusive. Such behavior is prohibited by the Postal Service and may also violate federal antidiscrimination laws.

Workplace harassment may include offensive or derogatory comments, names or slurs; engaging in negative stereotyping; circulating or displaying inappropriate graphic materials; and engaging in physical or verbal threats, intimidation or humiliating actions.

The offensive behavior could be a one-time occurrence or may occur over a period of time.

Although not every instance of inappropriate behavior may fit the legal definition of harassment, such behavior in the workplace undermines morale and may violate the Postal Service’s standards of conduct and/or policies.

USPS, through its supervisors and managers, takes prompt action to prevent, investigate, address and remedy conduct that is found to be against its policies and/or the law.

The Postal Service will act to protect the confidentiality of complainants but cannot guarantee complete confidentiality.

For more information, USPS encourages employees to review Publication 553, Employee’s Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reporting Harassment, and/or call the harassment information line.

Supervisors and managers should also review Publication 552, Manager’s Guide to Understanding, Investigating, and Preventing Harassment.

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