USPS Headquarters delays rural route adjustments until after RRECS implementation

As of today, we have successfully mapped over 97% of our rural routes in the new RRECS system. As we are working to implement RRECS with a mini mail survey in September, we are now at a point where we need to pause work on rural route adjustments and overburdened routes.

Every time we adjust a route, it will have to be sent to AMS to be adjusted and then remapped in RRECS. Since we are so close to implementation, we need to stop any adjustments now so we do not have anything interfere with the system.

If an adjustment has already been completed and submitted with a firm date, we will allow those routes to go through. We are also working on the routes impacted by Flat Sequencing System (FSS) discontinuance and Sorting and Delivery Center (S&DC) establishment.

Adjustment to those impacted routes will go through as well. No other routes are authorized to be changed or adjusted. Thank you for your continued support in RRECS implementation.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

USPS Operations

USPS Headquarters

Rural Route Adjustments and Overburdened Routes

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Just who does this so called Union represent? It certainly isn’t me, nor is it anyone else that is a rural carrier!! Why in the HELL would they agree to putting off adjustments to the routes for another FLIPPIN’ YEAR!!!!

Who do we contact if they cut our routes after said date?

They need to hurry with RRECS, we haven’t had a count in 4 years and I’m being paid for 120 scans a day but in 2022 I’m averaging 210 a day and with Amazon Prime days I averaged over 300 scans for a week. This is fraudulent!

And they wonder why regular carriers and RCAs are getting better jobs elsewhere. Wayyyy better opportunities out there than post office

John P that’s bogus. No one is shedding tears when a rural carrier is out for 12 hours on the holidays. That was the deal. The route is the route weather it takes you 4 hours or 12 hours. Blaming people for being good at their route is bs.

John P, if I had to work my evaluated time daily 6 days a week wouldn’t make sense making 50k that’s a slap in the face.. mine as well be a CCA at that point. H routes getting 140 scans daily and 10 tubs of flats daily since we don’t have FSS no more is a joke takes way longer now for loose mail

The problem started when the rural route carriers are running their routes. They get done in 4 hours and get paid for 8 hrs. That was the start of the problem. If these rural carrier stop running their routes then the post office wouldn’t have started this RRECS. This was decided by arbitration.

this new system is a joke and there is no way of reviewing your scans to see if you missed any during the day. We have no way of knowing if we are getting accurate credit for what we are doing. All we can do is trust managements word and I wouldn’t trust anything that they say. No one can convince me that these Chinese made scanners are one hundred percent accurate each and every day. Im afraid a lot of us are going to take a screwing in September.

I was awarded an over burdened route in 2019. I’ve stuck with this route to see what the count would come back with knowing it is the heaviest route in our office. I can’t get a sub because nobody wants to work for free! Supposedly it was counted on July 12, 2022 with the new scanner count. I’ve been anxiously waiting to see what it comes back at and now this!! Its bullshit!!! THE USPS HAVE BEEN UNDER PAYING ME FOR THIS ROUTE SINCE I WAS A PTF AND AWARDED IT BECAUSE THE PERSON WHO JUMPED OFF KNEW IT WAS… Read more »

The mapping on a computer is a joke how do we know this stuff is accurate . This system that you guys agreed to has way too many unknowns . 👎

i hve a gate that hasnt been added n dont know who to contact

I was our of work due to surgery my manager let a rca Mapp my route I Don even know if it’s correct what should I do