Rural letter carriers across United States, including in Oklahoma, are dealing with a new work structure that they say affects their hours and pay.

After significant pushback and delay, rural mail carriers will see their first severely cut paycheck on May 26.

The union protecting those carriers, The National Rural Letter Carriers Association , has filed a level four class-action lawsuit, but the planned pay cuts are still scheduled.

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I am urging everyone to get out of this UNION a steward told me “who’s gonna fight for you” I said the damage is already done..& I said what is the Union gonna do fight for “Fair Wages” she didn’t reply back…I am not saving by not paying the Union, I am keeping what they are using for their conferences

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My last day after 4 years was last Friday…cutting my pay was the last straw. I don’t like a bunch of monkeys dictating my pay. I never joined the union either. It’s a huge waste of money. Already got a new job with better pay, better hours, better benefits. My advise?…get out now if you can.

I was denied going from high to low by my supervisor in Fort Collins Colorado. Apparently the contract means nothing anymore. It says you can go from high to low effective at beginning of any pay period but not in my post office. Administrative data entry issues override the contractual language sadly it appears. Our local nrlca steward remains silent throughout, she’s a friend of management and settles grievances with as much teeth as a newborn gumming a pacy.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m retiring. After forty years of being screwed by both sides it’s time to go.i would have liked to have worked a couple more years but enough is enough. I had a two year plan to pay everything off without touching my thrift and now I’ve gutted my thrift, but I won’t have to deal with this bs anymore.