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USPS Mandatory Stand-Up Talk: Face Covering and Mask Update

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The USPS has issued the below Mandatory Stand-Up Talk for employees.


The USPS in an effort to maintain employee’s safety and wellness, strongly recommends the use of face coverings per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance.

As a result, the USPS modified their policy on face coverings to require all employees to wear face coverings in the following situations, until the COVID-19 is no longer an issue:

  • When there is a local or state face covering order or directive in place; or
  • When an employee who does not deal directly with the public cannot achieve or maintain social distancing in the workplace.

Rural letter carriers should wear face covering when required by a local or state directive.

In areas where there is not a state or local directive, rural carriers should wear their face covering when directly dealing with customers or when social distancing is not possible, (examples, customers approaching carrier vehicle, going to the door with a package, and dismounting and entering into businesses).

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that rural carriers wear face coverings at all times in the performance of their job.

If you have any questions please call your assigned District Representative.

Click here to view/download the “USPS Mandatory Stand-Up Talk: Face Covering and Mask Update” document. pdf

Click here to view/download the accompanying “USPS Public Health Poster: Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19” document.

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