USPS RCA: Rural Carrier Associate – YouTube

Looking for a career change in an industry that’s challenging yet rewarding? Then you may be a good fit for our Rural Carrier Associate position! Learn straight from USPS RCAs on why they love their jobs.

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LOL!! Safety violation at 1:31 – 1:34 Vehicle was not secured (window on driver’s side was not rolled up nor was door locked) when parcel was taken to residence. Carrier turned her back on vehicle while walking to the house. Vehicle was “out of sight” from carrier. We had a rural carrier removed 3 years ago for the very same action! This is unbelievable!! Other safety violations Door on POV left open after exiting 2:01- 2:02 Vehicle wheels not curbed 2:09 – 2:11 Vehicle wheels not curbed at 2:42 – 2:44 Fingering mail while vehicle is moving 3:04 – 3:07… Read more »

I have shared it already, I like it also

Brenda this is a great video to share. 🙂

10 years as an RCA and I am so thankful to have finally gone regular. It is a VERY tough job. If no one has ever told you that you are stubborn as a mule, it’s not for you. You need to possess the absolute determination that this job WILL NOT beat you. A lot depends on the office you end up in. I have been in three before going regular in a fourth. The more routes in an office, the more work you will get. But more routes also makes it much harder. My last office as a sub… Read more »

I was happy to see they used actual “street clothed” workers. Usually they use “uniformed” workers. Every single regular was once a sub. I was also impressed they admitted it is not an easy job. Thumbs up!

LOL! I saw that, too. I hate those things.


They forgot to mention you could be making low pay with no bennies for a long, long time :/

Are they for real lol

I was the only sub in our office for a year. It was awesome. I worked four days per week, quit my other job. Good times. I actually miss the variety since I’ve gone regular.

If you are in an office that is short on subs, you WILL get hours….

No consistent hours like they make it sound like….but dropping your life at a moment’s notice….yes!!!!

long life vehicle

No the PMJ.

Starting pay is $51,000/year? Who are they kidding? Guess where I’m at, after over 24 years!

Makes you want to find Santa and slap him!

Holiday season for me was 15 hour days for 31 days straight.

……damn Bed Bath and Beyond full coverage……

You can tell holiday season is around the corner.

8 to 12 hours a day?….. what a perfect world. Christmas time, I have worked 16 hours for several days in a row.
The other thing that wasn’t mentioned. You are not guaranteed any hours a Month to 4 days a month. Depending on the route you are assigned to.

“A job anybody can do.” No.

I didn’t get that memo. Ha

And everyone gets an llv!

Adam Pevehouse

Candy Hinkle

Heidi Reinke Hodges

challenging ?? that’s putting it mildly,lol..