USPS releases MOU for RRECS Dispute process

New MOU for dispute process for RRECS



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Wtf. Why was is signed the 16th and you have it, but it is not put out by the nrlca as of 8pm on the 17th.

I see this going well….

Just a little more sand in the lube. Thanks Ronnie!

A dispute is just that, a dispute. It’s not a grievance, I can complain all day long to management and they don’t have to listen. This is some more of managements BS just to make us feel good when we fill it out but it will go nowhere. We have no way of presenting the real evidence because we have nothing to go on except their word and I wouldn’t believe a damn thing that they told me. I’m glad that I’m retiring in a few weeks, I put my papers in well before this took effect because I knew… Read more »

I am so locked out of my Facebook for replying to each RemoveDeJoyer I came across on the Forbes video news release (I shared link to the moveon petition at Delivering4America(dotcom), I decided to post here. My podcast posted to StateoftheUSPS on FB will show you the Worldly view of PMG Louis DeJoy who just secretly (ooops! The invite arose on google) presented at INSTITUTE of WORLD POLITICS. Not as LDJ GLOBAL Strategies (should we keep an eye on those retiring F-22’s from Lockheed-Martin, where he is invested? He already connected to OSHKOSH that moved tanks overseas; his wife Aldona… Read more »

Fill it out in triplicate, in front of two witnesses, get it notarized, then wait three years, and end up with nothing.