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USPS rural carrier saves man's life

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As a longtime postal worker, Donna Boles sees the same things each day.

Boles stops by 716 mailboxes on her route, which is about 40 miles.

On Friday, the unexpected happen.

As Boles was delivering mail to the home of Bonnie Sturkie, Sturkie ran up to Boles saying she needed help.

Sturkie’s friend Robin Ayers’ son had collapsed.

Twenty-seven-year-old Christopher Whiteside suffered a mild heart attack.

His loved ones say it wasn’t long before he lost consciousness.

His mother was at his side the moment he went down.

“He went to turn and look at me and then face forward to the floor as hard as he could,” Ayers said “His eyes locked, I couldn’t get him to bulge, blink, move, nothing.”

Sturkie said she could not even feel a pulse.

“I felt his heart there was no heartbeat, he looked like a dead person,” Sturkie said.

Boles stepped up and gave Whiteside CPR for several minutes trying to keep his heart going.

And all the while, Boles talked to Whiteside.

“I told him your mother’s holding your hands, I said feel your mother’s love, your mother’s love is going to get you through this,” Boles said.

Whiteside eventually regained consciousness, it’s a moment his mother says she’ll never be able to explain.

Paramedics eventually arrived and rushed Whiteside to a nearby hospital, where he made a full recovery.

Despite her quick action, Boles says she doesn’t feel like a hero.

Boles says she learned how to do CPR from her husband and she wants to bring some kind of training to the post office.

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