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USPS Self-Service Profile (SSP) Passwords Need to Be Reset as of April 24, 2022

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The Postal Service is revising the information security policies related to the employees’ password criteria for their Self-Service Profile (SSP). The self-service password created in SSP is used to access a range of resources, including LiteBlue, Postal Ease, ePayroll, eRetire, eOPF, eReassign, ldeaSmart (external), and HERO (external).

Strong and unique passwords act as the first line of defense against potential cyberthreats. To better secure personal information, all employees will be required to reset their SSP password to meet the new password requirements. This change will take effect on April 24, 2022. After the April 24, 2022, effective date, all employees will be required to reset their SSP password using the new password requirements. Once reset, the new password will be immediately available to access applications.

The new password requirements are as follows:

• SSP passwords must be 15 characters in length.

• The last 5 passwords cannot be re-used.

• The password cannot contain the employee’s first name, last name or Employee Identification Number (EIN).

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