USPS statement on ratification of NRLCA contract

This post seems to be older than 1 year— so keep that in mind while reading. It might be outdated.

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service.

The contract covers approximately 119,000 employees represented by the union.

Highlights of the agreement include annual general wage increases, a reduction in the employer share of health premiums, and the preservation of workforce structure modifications achieved during a collective bargaining process in 2010.

Additionally, the Postal Service will create an employee category, assistant rural carrier, to handle weekend and holiday parcel deliveries.

“Overall, this contract results in continued restraint in rural carrier labor costs while giving the parties the opportunity to focus on the ongoing major task of establishing and implementing new engineered work standards for rural carrier employees,” said Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino.

The new agreement, announced in February, runs through May 20, 2018.

Source: USPS News Link

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Leland Grant

and is in effect retroactively?

Amanda Becraft

It’s my understanding that it is retroactive back to November but what I want to know is when do we actually get it and when does the raise start?

Cindy Henderson


Angela Carter Roberson


Amberly Gunter

There go our Christmas checks 🙁

Michael Volz

Happy Days are here again. More money, Less work. And we will be treated fairly.

Jennifer Smiley

Not even 20% voted! That is ridiculous!! If you actually read the proposed contract, those of you who voted would have probably vote no…. Sigh.

Chet Bixler

?explain? I’m all ears

Patti Cawood

I never got a chance to vote! How did this vote happen and who voted? I heard nothing of a vote.

Stephanie Duffy

R u in the union?

Eileen Fletcher

ballet came in the mail…

Joey Sox

Taking more work from RCAs…Man they are screwing us. Can’t wait to be regular.

Debi Baldelli Carson

Am I reading this wrong? A reduction in health benefits paid by the employer.

Stacie Garcia

We just got screwed if this passed!!!?

Terry Roach

Yes it passed yes we got screwed. If you didn’t vote or not in the union you can’t cry and complain.

Sharon Smith Begin

I didn’t even get a ballot to vote

Vickie Hembree

I would have swore it was reported 83 percent voted

Vickie Hembree

Our union did stop them from limiting new hires to only 15 days off per year total

Vicente Y Nadine Simón

I did…I voted No!

Kyla Spencer

83% of the voters voted yes but only 19% of the membership voted..

Steven Hernandez


Teri Slavik

Yep. Every company is doing it.

Joseph Molloy

They still have to find this new workforce, who only works, what, 2 days a week, if that? This past Xmas they tried to force regulars in Austin, TX, to come in in Sundays too. You may be right on losing the extra $, but with our Amazon volume I’ll worry about that when I see it.

Elizabeth Keith

doug tulino is an iddiot.. ‘restraining rural carrier costs’ like what? we are the ony craft NOT costing usps $$$


Why give a pay increase only to decrease employer share of health insurance. So really not a pay increase. Due to Obama care my ins went from 140 every two weeks to now you are telling me its going up again basically.

Jay Schreiber

The raises are counter balanced by the extra we will pay for our portion of Heath care. ARCs are “supposed” to be hired where Sunday Amazon delivery occurs. We shall see how twisted interpretations of the contract by management can happen.

Angel Brown

I never received my ballot to vote.

City Carrier

You are idiots for ratifiying this garbage with no pay increases and another “associate” category.It’s about time the NRLCA merged with the NALC.Always the weakest of the four postal unions.

D' Ann Pryor Bibb

So it will expire May 2018. I will be retiring May 7 2018.

anna kidd

You guys do know that in order for your ballot to count, you had to put a “Y” or a “N” in the little box…no check marks and no x’s….anything other than a Y or N voided the ballot. I think that is why it seems like less than 20% of carriers voted. Most of the ballots were probably voided. The instructions were plainly written on the ballot and on the website.


Doug Tulino says….”Overall, this contract results in continued restraint in rural carrier labor costs while giving the parties the opportunity to focus on the ongoing major task of establishing and implementing new engineered work standards for rural carrier employees,” What does he mean that the contract gives them the opportunity to focus on the IE study? What have they been doing while the carriers in the study have been giving them data for the last 20 months? Did they forget that the arbitrator mandated the study to be completed and implemented by 5/20/15?

Oi veh.


Oi veh.



I’ve been a carrier for 25 years and my premiums have gone up every single year without exception…why do you think the ACA is responsible for your increase?


I agree.