USPS Worker Warns “You May Not Be Getting Mail” as Employees Walk Out

Regular mail delivery is a vital service for the millions of us relying on the postal system to receive essential items like prescriptions and bills. But over the past year, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been heavily criticized for problems involving missing mail. Customers claim they've suffered from ongoing issues with delivery delays and even stolen checks. Now, USPS workers are warning that a new problem may cause even more issues for customers. Read on to find out why you might not be getting your mail soon.

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Just remember, “The only Winners are the Retirees”. The Post Office is always going to get what it wants. We are only the worker bees. 36 years in and going to retire by 2025. Just keep moving forward and stay under the radar and try to be safe and positive until retirement. We’ve all been through so much and alot of stress, the post office can make you laugh and cry in the same day, keep moving forward. You will fare better than the average citizen in retirement. Be Strong and Godspeed to my Postal Brothers and Sisters.

Scott is a little more upbeat than I am. Forty years in and I’m retiring and I’m telling everyone that is too far from retiring and young enough to start over, get the hell out and don’t waste the rest of your life with these lying scumbags.

I am 57 and 20 years in. I will ride out this storm. I have a high school education, actually 10th grade with a GED. Where else could I find a job this easy and make the money I make? I guess it takes someone who came from nothing to appreciate this job. There are lots of things going on that I don’t agree with in the postal service, but nothing any different than any other job I’ve worked. Good pay, good benefits, good retirement….think I’ll stick around.

Hey Lib ..did you take a 10,000 dollR cut in salary over a bogus scanner and no clarity on data. Did you just buy a house with a special needs daughter in the picture and now you are trying to figure out how to keep providing making up for a 10 grand loss? Thats why ppl walk

We have nine routes in our seasonal office. Four of them, including mine, decreased 17 or 18 hours PER WEEK. The only way they could do that with my route was to say that parcels, scans, DPS and flats are down 80%. This system is deeply flawed. These four routes will be in the 24 to 30 H area in the summer. Not sure what they will do then. I can not imagine any RCA’s staying. Three of the routes went form high K to low H IN HIGH SEASON. They are now H year round. One is run by… Read more »

We NEED to do a walk out. They need us way more than we need them. After three days there would be chaos and be force to give us whatever we wanted . Look what happens when you’re short handed one person with no coverage. Imagine 66% of people “calling in sick”. For three days straight . We have to stick together!

Hi there, I’m a city carrier and I work overtime every day and work most of my days off. I converted to regular tge same time as an rca and they are done by noon every day. Guess what, pre taxes we made the same hmmm…

Get outta here Chris.

Honestly, I feel really stabbed in the back by both the post office and our union.

Everyone (management, union, stewards- EVERYONE) knows how hard us carriers work. For any carriers pay to go down is just wrong.

Our salaries right now are based on a CORRECT mail count that was done 5 years ago, that was done by hand & with the regular carriers!
We need to have this as our resolution on our grievances!!!!