USPS workers claim they are seeing pay cuts in the tens of thousands, reduced hours

Shelon Williams, a carrier for USPS, said she is going from 46 hours over a five-day week to 37 hours over six days, meaning fewer hours, days off and less pay.

CEDAR PARK, Texas — Some U.S. Postal Service (USPS) carriers nationwide are seeing major pay cuts, losing anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 a year in some cases, after a fight between the postal service and unions.

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Claims? These aren’t claims, they are facts. They are destroying peoples lives. I know people who are looking at losing thousands of dollars a year. I’ve been a rural carrier for forty years and I’m looking at losing around 3500 a year and I’m going to have to work six days a week. Fuck them im retiring. Good luck finding someone who is willing to work for slave wages.

Yes these are facts I’m loosing 15 thousand a year..29 year carrier

Why is everyone failing to mention its the same amount of work we have been doing? We are expected to do the same amount of work for less pay! Do the same work, work more days, and get paid less hours because they cut the time credits for doing individual tasks, such as 3.12 minutes to fuel government vehicles and obtain a reciept for every 100 route miles driven.

I lost 8500 a year. Clownshow pay system

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I’m loosing 13k

From a 48k to 43j with loss of 11000 yr. I hope the media gets ahold of this as well. It is criminal and unfair labor practice. They won’t be getting my hard work or service if this goes through.

Why there’s no more news coverage on this, meanwhile the stamps increase are all over the news. I can see clearly now who’s the chopped liver.

Department of Labor email is This just doesn’t seem right. We got so much conflicting information in my office nobody knew what the hell we were doing or how severely it would affect most of us. I hope now more than ever our union steps up because this feels criminal

Department of Labor is not org. Good luck everybody

They keep calling us drivers. We are mail carriers. They theoretically cut our hours. We’re still doing the same amount of work because they’re saying that we can do more work in the few hours that they are giving us. The general public does not understand how we are paid. They just think that we’re going to come in and work 6 hours a day for 6 days a week. But the truth is we’re going to be working 9 hours a day 6 days a week, but only getting paid for six.

Went from a 47k to a 40h. How is this fair? I have a wife and 2 daughters, how am I supposed to have a life with them working 6 days a week!?

I have a great idea..if we want this in the media..i know a way for it to make Headlines. The media hates Trump and anyone connected to him. Our PM general is a huge Trump supporter and donates to him all the time….boom…media gold

There’s a lot of good ideas in the comments here. Contracting the news, and the department of Labor. But how many of you have actually done it? Us rural carriers are very good at complaining amongst ourselves. If you can’t take 5 to 10 minutes to send out a message or two. We have zero chance of ever getting this fixed. Even trying these things could result in nothing. But you gotta try. I contacted my cities local news a week ago. Never heard anything back. And after seeing that email in the comments, I’ll contact the department of Labor… Read more »

I’d like to know if my union rep whose route dropped from a K to an H has to now work Saturday with the rest of us? If not, why? He needs to be working a solid 6 days like the rest of the people he failed to represent fairly.

Our Union rep went down and has to work Saturdays now, he has another job on the weekends and is now screwed over on that. I have never gone backwards in pay at a job, so insulting. I cannot believe this is how the postal service is thanking us for being dependable employees for years! I’d like to know if the PMG got a raise this year…seems like an incredibly inappropriatehe move considering the pack mules pay has gone down…

Stop blaming the USPS, the NRLCA is a joke. They agreed to this, like every other time this company jas done something like this. I was a rural for almost 20 years. I was worried about RRECS and figured I’d try clerk, as the career path is so outdated as a rural. I was lied to and manipulated into a mutual transfer I would not have taken. I tried the union, they did nothing. The NRLCA is a joke, they are never there if you are a good employee. If you are an f-up, you’ll get their full attention for… Read more »

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We need to go on strike and say fuck off to our Union. In what world would anyone agree to less pay and more hours. Is the Union a bunch of retards wtf.

Let’s not forget that USPS fails to supply rural carriers with a vehicle to delivery mostly Amazon packages. My life with this company just hit rock bottom! I lost $10K a year, went to 6 days a week and I use my own vehicle to deliver. I’m too old to look for another job and I’m 10 years out from retiring, thus I’m screwed.

Well I went from a 40k to a 48k which is an extra 12 grand a year, so the scanner is the source to getting everyone back to a 48k next mail count.

It appears to me that Union Presidents don’t have to understand business. They just have to bring donuts and good coffee to the meetings. Do what you’re best at, right? Former “L” routes should try to get the “REAL” city union to cover us, (ie suburban delivery). We have always carried the “REAL” rural routes (no mail, no customers) anyway. Let’s go AFL-CIO for real representation. You don’t hear them dealing with cheats and non-truths…. No more NRLCA……Hummmmmm, Sounds like the post office had a plan.

I’m glad to finally see that there are other people besides me that see through our corrupt union. The union has been agreeing to every dumbass thing the post office comes up with. First off if you are going to make cuts lets make them in the right places. 1. we don’t need gps those people sitting at computers all day watching every move we make. We are doing the work. we should be trusted. Get rid of ALL that nonsense. 2. Get rid of the clock in clock out spend all your time on the scanner doing every distracting… Read more »

Be part of the union, attend their meetings, pay attention to your monthly union magazine. Knowledge is power and to be united is better than to be alone.

If everyone is doing the work in a right and safety way, scanning, mapping, and to remind everyone that because of the union we are having COLA and other benefits that us don’t see it. Be in touch with union and be part of. Don’t forget “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” I bet that most of rural carriers don’t know or never read one single page of our contract.Attend union meetings and educate your self and inform your co -workers. To be united is better than to be alone.

I am taking a 12% pay cut, lose 4 hours and now have to work 6 days a week. I have already been working past evaluation 6 hours because of Amazon packages.

If you can’t strike , why not protest outside of every rural office? This need to be in news and THE UNION IS A DISGRACE!