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Vigil was held for rural carrier Hillary Hicks, rural carrier killed on the job in GA

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A vigil was held Wednesday night for a postal worker killed over the weekend in Newton County.

Hillary Hicks was thrown from her truck when it was hit from behind as she pulled back onto the road after a delivery.

The crash happened on Highway 81 near Booger Hill Road in Oxford around 11:30 Saturday morning.

Hicks had worked for the post office for 10 years.

At Wednesday night’s vigil, Hicks’ husband said his wife now has a new job.

“I think somehow or another, the Lord got mail for her to deliver up there. You know, he’s got work for the angels, he’s got work for her,” Willie Hicks said.

Hicks’ son, who also works for the U.S. Postal Service, says this tragedy won’t stop him from doing his job. He says he will continue on as a postal worker because he knows it would make his mom happy.

Source: Postal carrier killed in crash after delivery | WSB-TV

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