We have a tentative contract. What happens now?

A tentative agreement has been reached between the NRLCA and the USPS.

Here’s what will happen next. Within the next few weeks, union members will get a special edition magazine which will have the proposed contract language and further explanations from the NRLCA.

This issue of the magazine will also list the days of the Ratification meetings for each state. Only union members can attend these meetings.

Any rural carrier that would like to have a vote must be in the NRLCA database no later than 6/28/2019.  If you want to join the NRLCA in order to have a vote on this contract, click here and follow the instructions

If you are a member, you will also receive a ballot in the mail. This ballot will be to vote for or against the agreement.

This is your chance to have your voice heard.  Don’t throw it away..


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My area’s vote is in Topeka, KS on the 14th. No ballots went out as far as I know. You have to be present.

If this agreement goes into affect as is,our ema goes to 48cents per mile ,we are also losing benefits. You think it’s hard getting rca’s to hire now just wait. The union has lost all touch.

They don’t do shit for us

Does this mean retroactive pay? Retired jan 31 2019

do the retroactive pay raises and cola raises applay to a regular that was on the rolls but retired on march 1, 2019


Oh crap,that’s what that thing was! I already threw that out