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We knew we could do SOMETHING.

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We knew we could do SOMETHING.

If there’s one thing the United States Postal Service employees are known for, it is service.  It’s the fiber of our commitment to our communities and each other.  Now, more than ever, Postal workers are faced with challenges in meeting that commitment to serve, yet they keep on persevering and delivering for customers. 

On top of these struggles and growing global issues, recent natural disasters have devastated some Postal workers and retirees.  While we collectively try to field unprecedented concerns;  many of us are looking for ways to support each other.  

In an effort to help fund solutions, FoxFern.com and PostalWorkerTees.com have teamed up to make a T-Shirt using the ‘United We Serve” design that honors the Unites States Postal Service workforce.  100% of profits from the sale of these shirt designs will be contributed to P.E.R.F; the Postal Employee Relief Fund.  PERF provides financial assistance to current and retired USPS Employees that have been affected by natural disaster.  

A Teespring page has been established for the “United We Serve” shirts and dedicated to this cause (PERF) only.  Funding contributions to PERF are handled directly from there.
Tee-Spring Store: 

You can read more about PERF at:




Please provide the links and information above about Postal Employee Relief Fund to any current or retired USPS Employee you may know that has been affected by Natural Disaster.

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