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So, I am sure most of you have noticed that I have changed the way I share articles from the NRLCA. The reason is I have received a certified letter from the NRLCA’s lawyers. From the beginning the NRLCA has been against the Ruralinfo website, but this is the first time they have gone as far as to have the lawyers get involved. I am currently trying to figure out how to respond and what this means for Ruralinfo.net.

I will be retiring next year and I am not sure I have this kind of fight still in me. Not sure why they decided to do it after all of these years, but they did. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. This would also affect the knowledgebase. They want anything downloaded from the NRLCA website removed from my website.

So, I will continue to try to figure out how to move forward with this or even if I will at all. Please know, no matter what happens, I will always be forever grateful to the support I have received from rural carriers across the country. It has been a long wild ride and all of you have made it worth my time and effort.


Ruralinfo.net is not sponsored or authorized by the NRLCA, the USPS or any state or local association. The materials on Ruralinfo.net’s web site are provided “as is”. They are presented here for informational use only. See full disclaimer

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Are they afraid of an informed membership?

Would hate to see you go… I’ve learned more from you than them in 20+ years. One would think, smh, the union would realize, again smh, that all knowledge, is a good thing. Who knows maybe they feel like you deserve the dues we’ve been paying, I sure do…
Best of Luck to you,

Thank you for what you do! This site has been invaluable to us rural carriers!

No please help us stay on I get all the information from you please do not stop you all I got

I would like to Thank you for all the time and information you have shared over the years. Your site is so much more user friendly than the national site. Whenever I needed information I could find it . I’m sorry the younger carriers might not be able to access this information. I hope you can work things out

What is their reasoning?

I read your site almost every day for updates, info, etc. I share a lot of the things I learn with other carriers. Sometimes the ones who are union members are like, how do you know that??? Hee hee hee. I really enjoy your site and would definitely miss it. I am sure you have way more supporters than not. Thank you. I hope you stay or get someone to take up your site and continue it after you retire.

This is RIDICULOUS, Our union is trying to shut down a site that shares information and keeps us talking and involved. I started to write a long comment but deleted it, I want to THANK you for all the time and effort you have dedicated to this site. We all appreciate it.

Totally understandable if your giving knowledge to carriers who don’t get a union book, because they don’t pay. I don’t hardly ever get on here or the regular union app. I read by book though. Good luck to you

I read the site everyday We need this they’re trying to keep information from us..because nine times out of 10 it’s stupid and wrong lol but true… But if you give up the fight I completely understand! And we thank you for the info you have given us.

Sorry this is so long but but this is a must say about how wrong and stupid our world is getting in a place of business and what freedom to speak and share we don’t have anymore. This is because post office don’t want us to no any information before they do and the post office is probably complaining about it to the NRLCA about it because a lot of times stuff posted on the NRLCA we don’t here about it till after the post office already knows about it and if you ask me if you are a union… Read more »

Thank you for providing this site all these years! Your site is much more user friendly than the union website. I hope you will/can continue!

I dont even read their website!! maybe that’s why they want to shut this now down.

Thank you for this site! It is much easier to get information here than the nrcla website. I’m lost on it! Sometimes I think they intentionally make it hard to navigate to keep us from finding out wth is going on with OUR jobs! Keep up the great work! And thank you!

I’ve been a union member for over 27 years.I have utilized this site for years to add info to members of rural craft as an additional source of info , but the union site is the final word I’m all matters.This site has been far more informative and timely than our own site.That site has been woefully inadequate and extremely slow in providing membership info.If the union is successful in its efforts I will terminate my union membership.leave this site alone ,if it troubles you then get better at getting info to our magazine ,so there would be no need… Read more »

If u decide to put up funding page to continue your work I will gladly donate to it.

Just another sad example of cancel culture . I don’t understand why the union won’t give us an interactive site like this

The NRLCA is just trying too get more members to pay a membership to be able retrieve information from there website. With you we can get this information without being a union member. It’s all about money and loosing union members. Like me.

I have been in the practically useless union for 38 years and will be retiring soon. So when I retire I will no longer be a part of the union. Over the years I have watched them cave to management and sell us out and I’m sick of it.

When I had a question as a rural carrier or a district president I could never find the answer on the NRLCA website. So I quit using it. I got my information here from the thousands of rural carriers you so faithfully inform. What a base of knowledge! You have the disclaimer at the bottom. Just don’t use the NRLCA website – we don’t. Thank you for your service. I hope you can pass it on to someone. Let me know about a gofundme account. God bless you.

I have been a member for over 30 years and a steward for about 15 of that. I have advocated for and submitted resolutions asking for a more user friendly and more current and complete web experience. The union is YEARS behind in this respect. I don’t know why they refuse to move forward, and then gripe about someone who fills the gap. I agree the info should go first to dues paying members, but they flatly refuse to get out of the dark ages with their info/ tech operations. Don’t be surprised when someone fills the gap you purposely… Read more »

i have learned more on this knolegeble website than the union web unable to understand it ..i hope that you could continue to give us all the information that we need and that our union refuses to share with us ..i for one gladly appreciated all off your help and information ..please if you get a gofund me page please count me on it again THANK YOU

Maybe our Union should realize that most of the members here are also dues paying members “there” . Get your heads out of the sand and realize you won’t have a Union if you don’t start providing members with some value! 32 years of dues have gotten me not much…a website not worth the time, representation of questionable worth, contracts and arbitrations that have undermined my job and pay…now you want to squelch a website that actually encourages carriers to learn and provides the venue for that???? Stupid move, you will lose the rest of the dues paying carriers! Thank… Read more »