Who knows what this is and what the USPS used it for?

I bet there are a lot of you who have never seen one of these..  I used one when I first came to work for the USPS..   So who can tell me what it is and what it was for?  I will share the answer after I see if anyone knows!!


This is a collection wand. There were little disc buttons placed inside blue collection boxes. You would hold the wand on the button until it beeped. Then it would be downloaded and would show the time the collection scan was performed.

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No idea never seen one before. Way before my time. I’m like Laurie Hutchings Ryder looks like a Flashlight to me.

Collection wand. There were little battery like looking buttons in the blue boxes and we would touch it with a scan wand and it would record the scan when it was cradled.


Interesting, don’t remember these at all.

We used to have red and green cards for collection boxes. They were always getting mixed up.

The wand I used to use when I was a city carrier was black

Diane Wise, Doug Storace, Bill Bevidas, Doug Storace, Louis Colee and Mark DiDonato.. You are all correct.. I dont remember using them very long either. Way before scanners!!

The original collection box scanner… There was a disk in each box . You would place the end over the disk and it would record it

Another good waste of $$$

We actually still have one of these at our post office. It’s not in use of course. These wands didn’t get used for very long.

Old collection box wand

Some kind of key ?

I remember these well; it is a wand that was used on collection runs. There was a button on the inside of each collection box that you would have to “scan,” i.e., touch with the end of the wand until it beeped.

It’s an old collection wand

Not a clue but have only worked at the post office 7.5 years.

I think this is an old scanner used to record that collection boxes had been hit.

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