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Wisconsin Rural Carrier retires after 45-year postal career 

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The lifetime Bay City resident spent his final day as a rural mail carrier with the town’s post office on Wednesday, June 3 before retiring his nearly 45-year career. This was the same career that started when Hohmann first became a part-time worker at the office, a position he claimed nobody else wanted.“It was hard to get a part-time person in a small town like this,” said Hohmann, who will turn 66 at the end of June. “They asked a few other people and nobody wanted it.”Hohmann, who grew up in a house located right behind the post office, said he luckily was able to stick with the USPS and gain full-time employment.“I thought I’d try it part-time,” he said. “I didn’t think I would get the job permanent, but I lucked out and got it.”

Source: Hohmann retires after 45-year postal career | Pierce County Herald

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