Would you like a shelving system in your LLV?

In July, Wheeler Bros., Inc. (WBI) was awarded a delivery order to supply 10,000 engineered shelving kits to the United States Postal Service for use in the Long Life Delivery Vehicles (LLV). This delivery order has a value of $2.9 million, with an option to purchase up to 40,000 additional kits following the initial delivery. See more

Check out the photo below to see what shelves in an LLV are like. Would these get in your way, or do you think you would welcome some shelves to help with space to put the increased parcel volumes?


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vmf in palm harbor says only city routes get them…i guess the rural side has no parcels, even though we have twice the amount of routes…talk about class warfare…

Need shelves np ca .91320

I didn’t think I would like them until I got them (I was surprised with them, they didn’t tell me I was getting them). I really like them! I have not had one parcel fall off and I have a really bumpy ride out in the country. The pole that is included with them allows you to pull parcels toward you without leaving the seat, even from the very back. Will be extremely helpful during Christmas!

Be careful what you wish for…they gave our whole fleet a bath one morning last year…inside & out..with pressure washers…including the seat…there was water running down the inside of the windshield, dripping off the ceiling, and standing in the cargo area…not to mention the soaking wet seat. Then we had to go deliver mail in them! oh…and they weren’t really any cleaner

+Although I don’t care about a radio (I use my iphone w portable speakers), your other suggestions sound more than logical! cup holder would be useful in preventing dehydration (I don’t have time to search for my water bottle when it’s bouncing all over the truck. Also, the shelves with a net is a novel idea in that it would keep the packages organized and help in the damage control department. Btw, is there any way of quieting the fan a bit…??

Rayma, correct! Very much waste!

I have a crv

Need shelves, room to stand up, a/c and a bungee system

No shelf but I would like a bungee net kinda thing, A/C, & please seal the leaks! Packages shouldn’t get wet unless they exit the vehicle in the rain. Mail sitting in the window should get wet either.

I would just like an LLV 🙂

I dont think every carrier is able to set up into the back of their LLV. Sounds like more injuries to me


No way

Yes because my LLV leaks like a sieve and for at least 7 years I have been trying to get them to seal the leaks so that when it rains my packages won’t get wet and damaged but they still haven’t done anything about it and I am sick and tired of writing it up every rainy season. The selves would at least keep some of the packages off the wet floor.

To Heck with Shelving, Give Me A.C.!!!

No i do not want these. Please don’t make it mandatory. Btw…Ups and fed ex can also Stand upright in their vehicles. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

Forget the shelves give me some a/c

I would love shelves especially at Christmas ! It would make finding things a lot easier! UPS and Fed Ex have shelves in their trucks !

No we need AC

No, I can hear things falling off just looking at them!



No no no no no

They want to cut stuff to the bone, but then shove this golden goose egg down our throats?? No.

A dolly

Mounted on the outside.

No. I would like to NOT have to drive this unsafe, unroadworthy P O S! We take our lives in our hands every time we drive these stupid things and I really don’t want to die in one!!!!!

I’ve been asking for 6 months to order these. My cpu’s are early in route and I can’t find my mail under their crap


I actually put this on the suggestions for new vehicles that we filled out. So yeah, I’d love some. I deal with hundreds of parcels a day. Business pick-ups and drop offs. I don’t have a typical rural route though.

Don’t need them. ..get all my mail up front. …thats what step wells inside the doors are for. …I can also stack parcels pretty high over my seat. ..

As for a clean LLV, that is for the post office to tend to. It is not in our evaluated hours. They need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. Not on a monthly or any other schedule that isn’t indicative to the needs. I am tired of hearing customers complain about how dusty, dirty their packages are. Dont add more to what won’t be cleaned.

Nope. Just more stuff to work around when trying to load.

Some LLVs at my office has shelves but they don’t fold like that! The bottom 2 shelfs pull out and the top 2 have rollers — I wouldn’t want them but those that have them seem to like them

I think it might be useful to have one shelf in a CRV, but I think at Christmastime they’d just get in the way.

Is cleaning part of our evaluated time? When I say cleaning I mean sweeping and washing it down with a rag and cleaning solutions. Mine is so dirty I did spend an hour before cleaning it really good.

Would love it!



When I started with the Postal Service in 1993, LLVs had a rack system on the right hand side. They proved to be problematic with large parcels. The Postal Service removed them several years later. Money spent, money lost. Now the Postal Service has contracted $2.9 million for another rack/shelving system for a fleet of obsolete delivery vehicles. Is it any wonder why the Postal Service is in such a deplorable financial condition?

We have a contract with a local business to clean ours on a weekly or biweekly basis. They don’t always do a very good job, though, but it gets done.

got mine already. love em

No. Just something else to give me cuts & bruises! They should invest in safer vehicles, including heat in winter, A/C in summer.

UPS trucks have had shelves for decades…

I would love for someone to turn off the heat in the LLV in the summertime! A bath once a year would be a plus!!

No I dont get up inside the back. Now if the shelving went from side to side and was on tracks where you could pull it towards the back door. Maybe that would work.

Our janitor put them in ours way back in the late nineties.

No I don’t use the back enough for shelves

how about new vehicles to go with this.

Are we suppose to clean the llv’s ourselves. My is so dirty and dusty. Who is responsible for that ?