Would you like a shelving system in your LLV?

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In July, Wheeler Bros., Inc. (WBI) was awarded a delivery order to supply 10,000 engineered shelving kits to the United States Postal Service for use in the Long Life Delivery Vehicles (LLV). This delivery order has a value of $2.9 million, with an option to purchase up to 40,000 additional kits following the initial delivery. See more

Check out the photo below to see what shelves in an LLV are like. Would these get in your way, or do you think you would welcome some shelves to help with space to put the increased parcel volumes?


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Jay Schreiber

How about 3 on each side to put your parcels in route order, with a half inch lip to keep them from sliding over the edge?

Cindy Hier

I am pretty sure that would be another thing to knock myself and give myself black and blues with!!!

Cindy Hier

Or give myself concussions! BUT I don’t drive LLV’s very often (depending on the route that I sub) so maybe I’d get used to it if I did.

Donna M Keller

No I don’t have a need for it

SueAnne LaFond

The lip is about a half inch. I used my shelves for the first time today. The parcels I put on them stayed put. Another carrier in my office loves hers. The shelves fold up so if you don’t want to use them you don’t need to. They run the length of the truck. I actually keep a hand truck in my vehicle so I’m only able to fold one shelf down, but I was pleased with the extra room it provided.

Ken Boyd


Carol Cummings

They look as useless as the tray up front. Can’t use them for much and can’t get around them either!

Timothy Dugan

hmmmm sounds like we would have to try it to see if we like it

Adam Ruiz

I don’t want shelves, why don’t they spend that money on getting us new vehicles

Lisa Ann Cogan

Would love to have this!!!

Travis Clark

Might be helpful around Christmas time, otherwise probably not

Rayma Lynn LePoris

Waste of money

Kendall White

I want A/C !

Lynn Barton Klenow

No I have a system

Jason T. Combs

they spent the $$$ already, where is my shelving ?

Camille Campo Cowap


Carol Schoeler Marchand

Heck yeah!

Rachel Rowe

I would be thrilled with an llv that doesnt die at every stop.

Laura Harmon

how about decent trucks instead,of putting money into stupid stuff! oh maybe a safer vehicle with heating and air??


I’d rather have a side handle and a step at the back bumper so I can get in and out.

Rebecca Asher


Sharon Tuley Kutella

NEW LLVs would be a much better investment !!

Marie Evans McCarty

I want a/c…4wheel drive for winters…

Terry O'Meara

Do these work in FFV’s?

Amy DuMont Griffin

I am with you on this one! Have had problems with mine so they took it and gave me a replacement until they could figure out what the problem was. The replacement did it, too, so now I don’t have a vehicle!

Beth Anne Jobes


Terry O'Meara

I have a hand truck that folds up and fits behind my seat. It was $25 at Sam’s Club and WELL worth it. It’s heavy duty with good sized wheels, unlike those crappy luggage carts.

Terry O'Meara

It would be nice if they worked in FFV’s.

Pamela Matiz

would love it, send some to Bogart, GA

Doug Horton

No, But a radio would be nice.

Beth Anne Jobes

I heard you turn a corner and they fall off shelf..The Wheeler Bros. got, I believe, 2.9 million dollars from a contract with usps..then the next day I read the that USPS is going to by new fleet of LLV’S. I’m confused. .again..lol

Steve Whiskey Kelly

No. It will take up too much room.

Scott Calvin

They are probably great I’m guessing for smaller peeps, more scrapes and bruises for me. Folding means moving parts. Which means pinched fingers, broken parts. Not interested in them at all.

Tina Tucker-Phelps

I would like to have 4×4, Air Conditioning, a place to put my forms I have to use everyday. A holder for my scanner and pens.

Charlotte DeZern Daniels

Need air more. A cup holder for lg bottles of water would be nice. Radio. I suck at singing. Adjustable mail tray. The shelves would be ok if there was netting to hold pkgs to keep from falling. A clean llv would be nice.

Rhonda Gray Peterson

got mine already. love em

Sherrie Beebe Cichetti

No. Just something else to give me cuts & bruises! They should invest in safer vehicles, including heat in winter, A/C in summer.

Michael McGill

UPS trucks have had shelves for decades…

Lynn Hansen

I would love for someone to turn off the heat in the LLV in the summertime! A bath once a year would be a plus!!

Sheila Waldrip Allen

No I dont get up inside the back. Now if the shelving went from side to side and was on tracks where you could pull it towards the back door. Maybe that would work.

Beth Crouch

Our janitor put them in ours way back in the late nineties.

Debbie Richard

I would like them for the Christmas load and on days we have Red Plums….I hate those papers every week!!!

Mike Varda

The new shelving will work great for laying on while waiting for the tow truck.

Kathy Smallwood

No I don’t use the back enough for shelves

Jim Davis

City carriers will get the new vehicles… We get “shelves.”


The new vehicles will be for city carriers and then rurals will get the old city ones. Red-headed step children factor.

Gail Spencer

how about new vehicles to go with this.

Suzanne Holbrook Donnelly

Are we suppose to clean the llv’s ourselves. My is so dirty and dusty. Who is responsible for that ?

Linda Durland Hixson


Amy DuMont Griffin

We have a contract with a local business to clean ours on a weekly or biweekly basis. They don’t always do a very good job, though, but it gets done.