Wrecked by RRECS protest – Washington, DC – April 16th


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Can’t afford to go. I work for the Post Office.

And remember those that TRUSTED the WRECK system…..I hope they remember that when they take that little check to the bank while Lejoy is laughing in his easy chair……

I can’t wait til it finally goes into affect! I’ve been doing double and triple the work for the last 3 years for no extra pay! Sorry for those who were getting done at noon and getting paid 9 hours, realty is rearing its ugly head. I’m a 48k at 63 hours. Time to cut the extra 10 hours a week I’ve been working for nothing!

Hey blue, what you don’t realize is your going overburdened. They are going to come in and cut your throat, so you’re fucked anyway. So I’ve got the last laugh, ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I can’t go, but will be there in spirit. I hope this makes headlines!

Let this make national news!

Greg, I’d be glad to be cut down to a 43k and do about half the work. I’m table 2 so I don’t make a lot anyway.

What about the thousands of Rurals that have to keep working for free without the new evaluations??? The routes were NEVER guaranteed to stay the same, I think it’s unfair to portray RRECs by stating it causes unfair pay cuts…if carriers have issues with their evaluations that should be grieved. Carriers are given a guaranteed salary for the guaranteed year this salary won’t change.

If everyone is doing the work in a right and safety way, scanning, mapping, and to remind everyone that because of the union we are having COLA and other benefits that us don’t see it. Be in touch with union and be part of. Don’t forget “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” I bet that most of rural carriers don’t know or never read one single page of our contract.Attend union meetings and educate your self and inform your co -workers. To be united is better than to be alone.

To all those that actually want RRECS to go through. While you may have been way underpaid during these last few years, and your routes came back huge. The majority of carriers were not so lucky. You think this system helped you, and it may have. But imagine if there was transparency in the numbers. Your routes would be even higher. If this goes through. Many carriers are taking a massive hit without even knowing why. The carriers that go up will have a temporary high, followed by the system cutting them or eventually catching up to any shenanigans they… Read more »

I delivered to a guy who worked at La’fant plaza(HQ)15 years ago, he used to work in finance dept with 6 other people. he was very informative. He told me every time the rural carriers would get counted it cost the post office around $70 million to do it. That and rrecs implementation is probably why we haven’t been counted in 5 years. He said that the rural union would agree to whatever and weren’t a problem, it was the city/clerk unions that were the problem and cost the post office many millions a year in grievances. There were almost… Read more »

I cannot be there. If it was closer, I would. I lost 4 hours. Since Amazon started delivering pallets to my office, I have been working 1 to 2 hours past my present evaluation. How can I make up the time now? I had prided myself on accuracy. I am down in the dumps now that I recognize that the USPS does not appreciate my work. My morale is at rock bottom. I know that morale across the country will be low. I know in my management classes that morale is material to an effective company. I quit the union… Read more »

47K to 40H. I’m waiting on the next update. I expected to go to a 42K. But 6 min to put up 1030 boxholders? 12 min to drive? Never saw already “counted by mailers” flats, 0. I got copies of my 4240’s for the year. Counted all of the hours put into my route (including subs) and my average is way above 40 for 6 days. Saw several times my route was split with “0” on sheet, or 2.8 hrs on Saturdays… sure we maybe get credit for parcels IF the scanner was under our rt #. I’m seeing time… Read more »

Blue you are a moron! You are happy that thousands of people are losing a significant drop in pay is digusting. You need to apply for a management position u would fit right in.

There will certainly be fallout with this mess and Amazon one day…hopefully. We rural carriers need proper representation from a union that has our backs and ensures fair and equal pay for the work we put in. I feel sad for the carriers who lost so much of their livelihood. Many are facing the stress of how to pay their bills and rent/mortgages now. The cost of living is increasing at an exponential rate while we get pay cuts. It’s a travesty and a punch in our face and seriously unfair! Being happy that you got an increase is all… Read more »

Blue, they’re not gonna cut u to a 48. They’re gonna cut u way down. Just beware.