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You don’t need super powers to be a superhero

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Sergio Cobain, Brooksville, FL

Rural Carrier Sergio Cobain was delivering mail in Brooksville, FL, in January when he spotted a customer lying on the ground beside a road.

Cobain rushed to check on the woman, who was unconscious, and immediately called 911.

The Postal Service employee revived the customer, who had fallen, by the time paramedics arrived and took her to a hospital.

The woman recovered from the incident.


Dawn Wheaton, Yorkville, IL

Yorkville, IL, Rural Carrier Dawn Wheaton was delivering mail in December when she observed an apparent package theft in progress.

Wheaton spoke to the suspect, who fled. She then contacted local police.

Officers apprehended the suspect and recovered the package, which contained Christmas gifts for the family to whom it was addressed.

“The family was grateful for Dawn’s swift and timely actions,” said Yorkville Postmaster Ryan Thaller.


Victor Rios, Stuart, FL

Rural Carrier Victor Rios was delivering mail in Stuart, FL, in December when he heard a customer yell for help.

Rios rushed to aid the man, who had slipped on a doormat at his front door and suffered a head injury.

The Postal Service employee called 911 and comforted the customer until paramedics arrived.

The man recovered from the incident.

heroElijahHoyt_large-story (1)

Elijah Hoyt, Riverside, IA

A rural carrier associate in Riverside, IA, proved earlier this year that Postal Service customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the actions of concerned and compassionate employees.

Elijah Hoyt was making deliveries on a snowy day in January when he spotted a fawn trapped in a wire fence alongside a road.

He enlisted the help of a passing farmer, who had wire cutters.

Hoyt freed the animal and continued on his route.


Laurance Lawrence, Lewiston, ME

Rural Carrier Laurance Lawrence was recently servicing a neighborhood delivery and collection box unit at an apartment complex in Lewiston, ME, when a customer collapsed nearby.

Lawrence rushed to the man’s side, carried him to his apartment and called 911.

Paramedics soon arrived and took the customer to a hospital.

Local Officer in Charge Don Mendell later visited the man — a retired letter carrier — after he returned home.

“He was so grateful and credited Laurance with saving his life,” Mendell said.


Courtney Willigar, Monticello, ME

Rural Carrier Associate Courtney Willigar was recently delivering mail on an isolated dead-end road in Monticello, ME, when she spotted an older customer who had fallen outside his home.

The man was being assisted by his sister, who was struggling to get him on his feet.

Willigar stopped to help the duo, and with her aid, the man was able to stand up and safely make his way inside his residence.

The man later called the local Post Office to thank Willigar for getting him out of his predicament in an area where passersby are rare.

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