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Guide to the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS)

The guide includes an overview and history of RRECS, a mapping overview, an explanation of the drive speed matrix, a comparison of the new RRECS standards to the 4241-M worksheet, a comparison of the Evaluated Compensation System (ECS) to RRECS, a guide to determining rural route evaluations under RRECS, and more.

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4241M comparison of time standards (Mail count vs RRECS)

This chart compares all individual standards for what we currently have in a normal mail count vs what the new time standards are with the new RRECS system. It also explains the Drive Speed Metrix that calculates the basic drive time on a route.

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RRECS Activity Editing Pilot Tests

The NRLCA was notified by the Postal Service of their intent to conduct two (2) isolated pilot tests involving RRECS ...

NEW RRECS Resources: Route Resequencing FAQ, Training, and More

Updated documents are now available under the RRECS Resources tab on our website concerning Route Resequencing: What to Look for ...

NEW Resources: Updated Labor Relations Presentations from NRLCA

Note: You will have to Log in to NRLCA website Below, please find two Labor Relations presentations that you may ...

NEW VIDEO: NRLCA Update on Route Adjustments

Stand up talk on route adjustments ...

NRLCA Releases Information on Coverage Factor for Rural Routes

The coverage factor established for a rural route has a direct impact on the RRECS evaluation of the route ...
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