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She found $10K in cash — and turned it in

Rural Carrier Carolyn Norton was driving to work at the McKinney, TX, Post Office one morning last September when she saw $20 bills flying around. Norton pulled over and safely collected as much of the money as possible, then called 911. Police arrived and helped gather the rest of the money, which totaled nearly $10,000. … Read more

RCA helped a couple in need on a highway

Rural Carrier Associate Bryan Boyd was recently driving along his Bath, NC, route when he saw a couple near a vehicle parked on the side of a road. The woman was crying and the man was searching for something on the ground. Boyd pulled over and approached the couple. He learned that the woman had … Read more

Rural carrier saves a customer’s canines from a house fire

Rural Carrier Gary Sherman saw smoke coming from a home in Warsaw, NY, while he was delivering mail recently. The Postal Service employee, who is also a volunteer firefighter, called 911 and headed to the residence to warn anyone inside. No one was home, but Sherman could hear the customer’s dogs. He found an unlocked … Read more

Rural carrier helps customer found in road

Rural Carrier Associate Allison Bundy was recently delivering mail in Throckmorton, TX, when she spotted an older customer lying face down in the middle of a road. Bundy pulled over and checked on the woman, whom she recognized. She helped the woman get back on her feet and to safety. The customer, whose face was … Read more

Rural Carrier makes lifesaving tourniquet

Rural Carrier Associate Katherine Duvall recently put her emergency medical training to good use at the Pulaski Post Office in Tennessee. A driver had accidentally sliced his radial artery with a box cutter, which had slipped while he attempted to open a package while stopped at a red light near the Post Office. The man … Read more

Rural carrier aids injured customer

Rural Carrier Brandon White was driving along his Russell Springs, KY, route on a sweltering day in August when he noticed a customer lying on the ground in her backyard. White parked his postal vehicle and found that the woman had injured her ankle after falling. He called 911 and comforted her until an ambulance … Read more

Rural carrier alerts family to fire

Rural Carrier Juan Ocasio was delivering mail recently in New Port Richey, FL, when he spotted smoke rising from behind a customer’s residence. Ocasio checked the rear of the home and saw a tree, shed and the back of the residence enveloped in flames. As a neighbor called 911, Ocasio ran to the home’s front … Read more

Weeding collapse prompts carrier’s concern

Rural Carrier Associate Tabitha Kendle was delivering mail in Excelsior Springs, MO, in the summer when she noticed a customer’s mail piling up. Kendle also saw that the man’s normally closed garage door was open. She grew concerned and called the police, asking for someone to check on him. Responders found him passed out in … Read more

Rural carrier aids customer stranded in home

Rural Carrier Mary Bengston was delivering packages last December in DeFuniak Springs, FL, when she noticed an unusual sight and sound. As Bengston neared a customer’s residence, she spotted a vehicle parked outside with its door open and heard yelling coming from inside the home. Bengston rushed to the front door and found the customer … Read more

Rural carrier responds to fire

Rural Carrier Mark Harsevoort was delivering mail recently in Rockford, MI, when he spotted smoke coming from a customer’s home. As he approached the residence, he found an all-terrain vehicle in flames that were spreading to the deck and to the house itself. Harsevoort also saw the residents — a mother and her child — … Read more

Rural carrier alerts residents to peril

Rural Carrier Jill Schalberg was making deliveries in Newfane, NY, when she noticed smoke coming out of the detached garage at a customer’s residence. The Postal Service employee rushed to the home and knocked on the door until someone answered. She alerted them to the fire and called 911. The garage was deemed a total … Read more