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Rural carrier responds to fire

Rural Carrier Mark Harsevoort was delivering mail recently in Rockford, MI, when he spotted smoke coming from a customer’s home. As he approached the residence, he found an all-terrain vehicle in flames that were spreading to the deck and to the house itself. Harsevoort also saw the residents — a mother and her child — … Read more

Rural carrier alerts residents to peril

Rural Carrier Jill Schalberg was making deliveries in Newfane, NY, when she noticed smoke coming out of the detached garage at a customer’s residence. The Postal Service employee rushed to the home and knocked on the door until someone answered. She alerted them to the fire and called 911. The garage was deemed a total … Read more

Rural carrier ensures customer’s safety

Rural Carrier Margaret Ward was recently making deliveries in Church Hill, TN, when she caught sight of an 85-year-old customer lying in a driveway and waving for help. The woman did not want Ward to call 911 at first; she just wanted help getting up. Ward persuaded the customer to remain still, placed a pillow … Read more

Rural mail carrier saves family from fire

What You Need To Know Pasco mail carrier Juan Carlos Ocasio has been nominated for the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program, according to his supervisor   The program honors postal workers who go above and beyond to help their communities   Ocasio was working his rural route in Moon Lake on Aug. 29 when he spotted … Read more

Mail pileup prompts carrier concern

Winfield, PA, Rural Carrier Marna Olshefski was making deliveries recently when she noticed an older customer hadn’t retrieved his mail for two days. Olshefski last recalled seeing the man outside with his dog. She checked with a neighbor, who said she hadn’t seen the man lately. The Postal Service employee then contacted police to check … Read more

Rural carrier helps customer recover from fall

Rural Carrier Lisa Ann Wagner was making deliveries at a home in Kerrville, TX, when she noticed the customer’s mail starting to pile up. Wagner grew concerned because she knew the woman lived alone and had minimal contact with her neighbors and family. The Postal Service employee tried contacting the customer by phone and text, … Read more

RCA leads customer to safety

Rural Carrier Associate George McCabe Jr. was recently delivering mail in Waterford, CA, when he spotted a customer wandering down the middle of a road. McCabe recognized the woman as the mother of Ronda Salas, a retired Postal Service colleague. He approached the customer, confirmed her name and asked if she needed assistance. The 87-year-old … Read more

Rural carrier aids customer who fell

Rural Carrier Camille Graves was delivering a package to a customer in Brookfield, MA, when she heard a cry for help from inside the home. Braves entered the residence and found an older woman lying on a cold floor. The customer had fallen the night before and was unable to get up. The Postal Service … Read more

Rural carrier performs CPR on co-worker

Rural Carrier Ronda Layson was at the Coco River Post Office in Naples, FL, when she spotted a colleague in distress. Layson found the employee unconscious and not breathing. As she began CPR, another employee held the hand of their ailing colleague until paramedics arrived. “Ronda went above and beyond the call of duty for … Read more

Rural Carrier worried about mail piling up alerts authorities

Shelley Ponton, a rural carrier in Ashkum, IL, was recently making deliveries when she grew concerned about an older customer whose mail was piling up unusually. Ponton asked Postmaster Julia Holohan to alert authorities about the woman, who lived alone and had no family members except a brother 75 miles away. Emergency responders found the … Read more

Rural carrier rescues toddler from roadway

Neal Sisbarro, a rural carrier in Hutto, TX, was recently delivering mail when he spotted an unattended toddler running down the middle of a street. Sisbarro guided the girl out of harm’s way and started looking for her residence. He noticed a front door ajar a block away and knocked on it. The mother answered, … Read more

Rural carrier assists man in distress

April Page, a rural carrier associate in Dandridge, TN, was called in on her day off to work for a neighboring town’s Post Office. As she drove around looking for a cluster box unit at an apartment building on the unfamiliar route, a woman ran outside and screamed that her husband was dying. The Postal … Read more

Rural carrier aids fallen customer

In her first month on the job, Rural Carrier Associate Michelle Walker was delivering in a remote area on her route in Milton-Freewater, OR, when she heard a faint cry for help. At first, the postal employee couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. When the cry was repeated, she was able to follow it … Read more

Rural Carrier jumps into action at sign of fire

Rural Carrier Associate Johanna Dehl was delivering on her route in Adell, WI, when she noticed smoke streaming from a customer’s garage. The postal employee parked her vehicle, ran to the house and opened the front door. She screamed “Fire!” and called 911. The customers weren’t home, but she could hear two terrified dogs. They … Read more

Customer credits rural carrier with saving life

When Rural Carrier Brandon Webman was out delivering on a snow-covered back road in Chichester, NH, last winter, he saw a customer ready to greet him at the end of his driveway. As the man moved toward his mailbox, he slipped and hit his head on the ground. Webman immediately contacted emergency medical services, who … Read more

Rural carrier assists woman after fall

Rural Carrier Fran Geisler was delivering to the home of a customer in Hooper, NE, when she noticed the mail from the previous day hadn’t been picked up. Geisler, who knew the customer had mobility issues, knocked on the door and called out. “I need help,” came the reply. The elderly woman had fallen the … Read more