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Mail carrier rescued from flash flood waters in Virginia

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The reason the man was trying to drive down that road, wasn’t because he lived there, but because he worked for the postal service and he had mail to deliver.

“He was working on delivering the mail. It was the mail carrier and he was trying to make some mail deliveries and I believe the car came into an area where he was trying to turn around and wasn’t able to before his vehicle became immobilized,” Appomattox Volunteer Fire Chief Jonathan Garrett said.

Authorities said the postman managed to get out of his car, but couldn’t get to safety on his own. Firefighters managed to get him in a raft and get him somewhere safe. Firefighters said the patient was checked out by ACRS members on the scene and released.

The postman’s car is still in the water as of Wednesday. Officials said it’s totaled. We have reached out to USPS about what will happen to the mail lost in the flood and are waiting to hear back.

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