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Man that attacked rural carrier Teresa Ramsay pleads guilty

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According to authorities, Garay broke into a home on Spring Drive, where he encountered the homeowner. He took her cell phone from her and according to law enforcement, “stomped on the cell phone and tried to break it but was unable to do so.” Garay threatened to shoot the homeowner’s dog and told her to get on her knees. She refused and told Garay, “that if he wanted to shoot her, he would have to shoot her standing up.”

Garay went into the garage and unsuccessfully tried to steal the car.

He left the house and continued to walk through the neighborhood. That’s where Garay encountered US mail carrier Teresa Ramsay. According to the factual basis, Garay approached Ramsay and told her “I am being chased by evil spirits” and “evil spirits are following me.”

Ramsay told Garay, “I love Jesus, I’ll pray with you, brother, when I finish scanning these.” Ramsay was still scanning items of mail when Garay told her, “I need your car” and he then pointed the Glock 48 handgun at her. Garay shot her in the face.

Ramsay. fell out of her vehicle and to the ground, and Garay stole her vehicle, and sometime later that afternoon he dumped most of the stolen mail in the driveway of a residence in Weaverville. Garay then spent the day driving and walking around Asheville.



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