Midstate Rural mail carrier turns into a life-saver for one older woman 

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In rural areas, mail carriers are the link to the community for some. But one postal worker in upper Dauphin County was a life-saver too.Chantel Bouchard delivers to 500 homes on her 52-mile route that’s usually quiet.But one day in January, she thought she heard cries for help.Indeed, Jean Klinger had fallen in the ice and snow, and was laying in the cold.Bouchard immediately called Klinger’s daughter, retrieved a blanket from her house, and waited with her for an ambulance.She hesitates to call herself a life-saver, but she knows the reality of the situation.”If no one would’ve heard her, for as cold as it was, she might have gotten hypothermia maybe in time, because she said she was getting pretty cold,” says Bouchard.

Source: Midstate mail carrier turns into a life-saver for one older woman | News | witf.org

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