NRLCA – RRECS Mini Mail Survey 2022

The RRECS Mini Mail Survey is to be conducted from September 10-23, 2022.

Only Random Letters and Flats, Walking Distances, PARS Labels and recurring Miscellaneous Activity not captured by the automated standards, will be measured or counted. Click here for more information and links to useful resources.

RRECS Mini Mail Survey 2022

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…..and they’ve cancelled our mini-count….already into political season in Florida, they sure didn’t want to have those pieces counted… way!!

This isn’t even a mail count as they’re only counting the loose flats and letters the clerks work every morning. It even says its only a survey. Everything else is already being implemented into our pay scale now and has been for a good while now.

I am a union member and before I wasn’t involved.Now I attend all union meetings and the best decision I here made.Union keeps me up with all information before even the management is notified

Been a regular for 6 years now and never joined the union. Best decision ever. Better off donating to the homeless every two weeks

You Rural Carriers’ are about to be screwed like never before. Be sure and keep paying your Union dues.