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RCA delivers a bit of history

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A rural carrier associate made a special delivery on Jan. 17 when he dropped a greeting card adorned with last year’s Black Heritage stamp into a residential mailbox in Chester, CT.

The card was addressed to the current owners of a house that Constance Baker Motley — the legal pioneer who will be featured on this year’s Black Heritage stamp — used as a seasonal home for 40 years.

The card was mailed by employees at the Chester Post Office to help promote the Black Heritage series.

“I am excited about the new stamp coming out,” said Jaysen Tyrseck, the rural carrier associate who made the delivery. “It makes me proud to work in Chester.”

Motley chose the town of about 3,700 residents for her vacation home because it offered some tranquility from the fast-paced judicial work she was doing in Manhattan.

The current owners purchased the house, built in 1745, nine years ago.

The stamp featuring Motley will be released Wednesday, Jan. 31.

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