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Rural Americans Are Losing Their Mail. You Could Be Next.

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Four years in, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has had one of the most controversial and high-profile tenures in the office’s history.

DeJoy was put in place by a Trump appointee-led Board of Governors in 2020 while under scrutiny for securing lucrative contracts for his former transportation company XPO Logistics, as well as for his investments in 14 companies with financial ties to USPS. During the COVID pandemic in 2020, DeJoy’s cost-cutting slashed the number of mail sorting machines and restricted postal workers’ ability to make extra trips, which a federal judge later found hurt both the Postal Service and states and localities by “impeding their ability to provide safe alternatives to in-person voting.”

But despite calls for his resignation, DeJoy has remained in the position during the Biden administration. “Get used to me,” he told congressional lawmakers during a 2021 hearing.

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