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Rural Carrier Hero: Mara Ralls, Marsing, ID 

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Harsh winter storms in Marsing, ID, made navigating the countryside a challenge for Rural Carrier Mara Ralls and local residents, many of whom were stuck at home at times with several feet of snow in their driveways.

Ralls encountered one such customer while delivering mail earlier this year: an older man at the end of his driveway — and clearly at the end of his rope.

The postal employee saw him on his knees, sobbing, so she stopped to comfort him and offer assistance.

The man told her he’d been snowbound for two weeks and had run out of food. He felt so alone and helpless, he said, he was contemplating suicide.

Ralls urged him to give her time to find help, and she proceeded to contact neighbors who could plow the driveway, as well as a senior center that could deliver food.

Ralls said she later received a “very touching and thankful message” from the customer. “He is safe and had hope back in his voice.”

She added: “I love my job, my route and my wonderful customers on it. So many good people coming together to help each other.”

Source: Mara Ralls, Marsing, ID | USPS News Link

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