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Rural carrier retires after 43 years of service

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MOUNT OLIVET — Randol Thomas, a carrier at the United States Postal Office in Mount Olivet, recently retired after 43 years of service.

“After 43 years at the Mount Olivet post office, it’s time to say goodbye,” Thomas began.

According to Thomas, he has lived in Mount Olivet his entire life. He graduated from Deming High School in June of 1981 and began working at the post office in August of that same year.

Thomas noted that he worked as a sub on his postal route until 1989. Since then, he has been full-time on route two in Mount Olivet. He added that he lives on the route he drove in his years as a carrier.

In 43 years, Thomas has seen several changes at the post office. According to Thomas, he has seen five subs and six postmasters at the Mount Olivet location since starting in 1981.

He noted the difference in technology and the demands of his job since his first day as a mail carrier.

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