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Rural Carriers and the upcoming food drive

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It is that time again.  Every year the NALC sponsors the Stamp Out Hunger food drive.  In 2010, the NRLCA became an official partner of the food drive.  I am not going to get into whether you should help or not as that is an issue that rears it’s head every year in the world of rural carriers.  What you volunteer to do is your business and your personal choice.

I am just going to provide some information…


Over the past several years rural carriers across America have volunteered to join the NALC to collect food in over 10,000 cities and towns in all 50 states in an effort to “Stamp out Hunger” for needy families, to include children and the elderly. While the NRLCA fully supports this worthwhile cause and has become a full partner with the NALC, each year there appears to be a misunderstanding on specific situations that occur as a result of the food drive.

First and foremost each year we are asked if participation in the food drive by a rural carrier is voluntary. The answer is emphatically yes, participation is voluntary. Although participation in the food drive is voluntary, the NRLCA encourages carriers to participate in this worthwhile cause.

Now with the addition of May DPS Flat special mail count, additional questions have surfaced, specifically about whether the food drive cards would be credited during a mail count. Does the carrier have to deliver the food drive cards if they are not volunteering to collect the food? Who determines if a route will receive the food drive cards?

The attached letter from the Postal Service clearly states their position and hopefully will answer the questions raised and help clear up any confusion in the field.

NRLCA Press Release from 2011

Every May, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) holds its national food drive in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America. Rural carriers have always been firm supporters of the event, working side by side with city carriers to collect food and directly contributing to the event’s success.

The NRLCA will once again play a role in the May 13th drive as national partner in the event alongside co-sponsors such as the U.S. Postal Service, Campbell Soup Company, Valpak, the AFL-CIO, United Way Worldwide and its local United Ways, and Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network.

The NRLCA will assist NALC and the drive’s other co-sponsors in promoting the volunteer collection of non-perishable food, encourage participation by rural carriers in the effort, and help deliver donations to local food banks, pantries and shelters. In connection with our partnership, the NRLCA logo will appear on all national publications and other promotional materials of the drive.

With millions of Americans out of work and facing hunger, it is more important than ever to do our part to help out. We look forward to working closely with our brothers and sisters in the NALC for a very worthy cause.

As always, participation in the drive is strictly voluntary. All rural carriers have a right not to participate unless given a direct order. If required to participate involuntarily, management must compensate the carrier in some way. We encourage each of you to consider the good that occurs through this endeavor and participate if possible.

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NALC Food Drive
The NRLCA is a partner in this worthy cause and encourages participation. The following questions and answers are intended to clarify some issues regarding the food drive.

Step 4 from 1996 on rural carrier being forced to pick up food without additional compensation

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Letter Carriers’ ‘Stamp Out Hunger®’ Food Drive | National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

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