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Rural Carriers Beware – Purchasing insurance for your route vehicles.

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A very important FYI for anyone that uses their personally owned vehicle to deliver mail.

Though an insurance company may tell you that your vehicle is covered please do not rely on it.

This person had a commercial policy with Progressive..

Also here is some important info from the USPS on tort claims.. https://knowledgebase.ruralinfo.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/tort-claim1.pdf

Please share this to all rural carriers..

And BTW National General automatically covers rural carriers on the route. http://nrlcainsurance.com/, and yes, you have to be a union member to get it.

(Some have said this sounds like an advertisement for National General insurance…  Actually, not at all, this is a link to a company that DOES cover rural carriers on the route without having to buy a commercial policy.  Plain and simple)

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