Step 4 Grievance Settlement on Retrieving DPS Letter Mail When Not Staged by Route

The issue in this grievance involves rural carriers retrieving DPS letter mail from conveyances when DPS letter trays are randomly mixed between routes. The Parties agree that when DPS letter mail is not properly staged by separating routes and this requires rural carriers to move trays to retrieve these trays, then additional compensation is appropriate. The Parties further agree that in instances where this occurs on a daily or weekly basis, the route will receive credit in Column 17 during a mail count, for the actual time required to move other routes’ trays in order to locate the DPS letter mail trays for the specific route.


via News Info.

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I used this the other day and I will have to grieve it. It seems that the way it is written, it is another gray area. Seattle is telling us it is only is your mail comes stacked and you have to move the other routes trays to get to your mail. I don't know about the rest of you, but when our mail comes on different conveyances, sometimes it is so mixed up with other routes, your spending 5 minutes looking for all of your trays of dps. Plus ours comes backwards so you have to turn the trays… Read more »

Sharron Carmichael….

our clerks do this for us, it comes from the plant in rolling cages. mixed and they set it up by abcde in rolling shelf cages prepared for all carriers in our office,