Step 4 Grievance Settlement on Waiting for Mail that Requires Casing Before Strapping Out

Step 4 Grievance Settlement on Waiting for Mail that Requires Casing Before Strapping Out

The issue in this grievance concerns waiting for any mail due to late arriving transportation which may or may not include DPS letter mail. The parties agree that when a rural carrier is required to wait for mail due to late arriving transportation that may or may not include DPS letter mail, appropriate compensation will be provided. Waiting time will not begin until all rural carrier duties are completed, to the extent possible, including casing of all available mail that requires casing. Management will determine the compensation of auxiliary assistance equivalent to the waiting time, or by utilizing 8127 for regulars or 1314-A for leave replacements. This does not change the Frisco TX step 4, that addresses when ONLY DPS letter mail is late arriving and waiting time begins after all other duties are completed to include strapping out of all cased mail and is prepared to leave the office to effect delivery, which is re-affirmed in this Step 4.


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problem is both the plant and waiting on slow,slower, and slowest working[ lol] the mails

Problem isnt transportation, its waiting for the clerks to work all the mail. They physically cant with only 2-3 people and then called to help out on the window when the line backs up.

We were told in our meeting on Thursday they won't be hiring anymore clerks after we lost 3 in 2 months. Basically, start times are moved back so they can save on hours. I'm willing to bet city carriers can get on the street fast enough for management.

We come in at 9:00. Customers ask often why we deliver so late. Sure wish we can start at least an hour earlier, so we don't have to rush so hard to get those expresses out on time. Let alone catch the truck at the end of the day.

Where do you work at?? I work in the Charlotte, NC area and they have us coming in at 8 but may move it back to 8:30.

wow and we thought it was bad when they moved us from 630 to 7..would hate to come in at 8..woudn't get back till 4-430….6 on mon.

We start at 7:30, and are being moved to 7:00, doubt anything will change

My start time is 8am and it doesn't happen often, but I have been paid for waiting a couple times.

I just wonder if they will ever get it.

Ours has been moved back to 8 and we still have to wait. Then they want to rush you to get back before the afternoon truck. So when do we get lunch most days we don't have time if you want to beat the truck !

This must be why our starting time was moved back to 8:00.