Step 4 : Using firm sheets when less than 6 pieces

The issue in this grievance concerns the use of firm sheets in situations when there are less than six (6) qualifying pieces.

The Parties agree that when an address receives six or more qualifying pieces in one day on an “L” route only, a PS Form 3883 should be used. The Parties further agree that when an address receives five or less qualifying pieces in one day, a PS Form 3849 is utilized and the route will receive individual credit for such pieces. The PO-610 states,

“2-3.1 Firm Sheet — Creation

PS Form 3849 can link up to five signature items for one delivery address. When delivering six or more signature articles to a single address, the appropriate Postal Service employee should create a firm sheet.”

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Well,this is a small step forward. It used to be anything more than ONE!!