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Tell us how RRECS has affected you and your route

It’s been a couple of months since RRECS evaluations took effect.   Everyone knows how I feel about RRECS.  It never should have been implemented until every single carrier was able to see every little thing that goes into their route evaluation.  I wrote about that back in April.

I would like to give rural carriers a chance to tell everyone how they have personally been affected. I am going to call it the RRECS Impact Series.  You can do it anonymously if you would like. I just need a US State as a way to tally responses.

Is there something unfair that you think is happening with RRECS?

Are you happy with RRECS and think it is fair?

Do you think you are finally getting paid correctly?

Have you lost a lot of money due to RRECS?

Are you thinking of retiring or even quitting due to RRECS?

Is there something you think the national officers are missing in the RRECS rollout?

Do you think RRECS will improve in the future?

Let us know in the form below and we will post it in our RRECS impact series.

A few rules:

No cussing, no name calling, no personal attacks.  Lets present this information in a professional way.  If you decide to break the rules, your submission probably won’t be posted.

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