USPS instructs rural routes to take DPS Flats directly to the street after fulfillment of RHD agreement

USPS says the MOU-(DPS-Flats-Vehicle-8-11-2014) to allow routes with USPS provided vehicles to case DPS flats is terminated.  They claim they have fulfilled their obligation to put 15000 RHD Employer provided vehicles on rural routes and they will instruct carriers with Employer provided vehicles to cease casing and strapping out DPS flats on March 30th, 2015. Below is the letter notifying the NRLCA that the August 2014 MOU is terminated.


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I wish we had LLVs here, I’m fed up with repairing my POS jeep Cherokee.

That was a good one wasn’t it?!

What most of you rural carriers don’t seem to understand is that postal management won’t be happy till they control every facet of your delivery like they do city carriers. The only reason they let you alone so long was because your union gave into them in so many areas. When I first started as a city carrier back in the early 70’s I asked a supervisor what “those” people were doing? I didn’t understand the difference between rural and city and he said “Oh, those are rural carriers. We are changing those routes to city because we can’t supervise… Read more »

I have found the best way for me is to put the DPS on the right, I’m tall so I dummy the tray up with a partial tray underneath then you can have the top tray tilted down (gravity is your friend). I take a big handful and turn it up (makes it easier to see addresses and finger). My middle tray is flats, raw and small parcels/markers. The tray on the left is small parcels not cased and pulled down. If I have marriage mail, clippers or every door direct I have it in a tub on the floor… Read more »

Ha, ha, ha…sorry that was a good one.

Our station had 10 LLVs…they were all taken away and replaced with 2015 Dodge mini vans, including all business routes. Union filed a safety greivence and won. Management said they would return LLVs, but so far only 4 were brought back. Their excuse is they cannot find any LLVs to give back. Turns out, our LLVs were given to rural carriers in other districts.

Where did they come up with 15,000 LLV’s??? Every day, we have at least 5 in the local shop and 5 at the VMF. Who is BSing who???

Its a pita!! It takes longer and is harder on the body. I cant believe anyone actually being forced to do this would believe otherwise

Back to Being a city carrier, working 12 hours a day..

Nicole Rodgers it doesn’t effect us we do not get DPs flats

And there dumb ass decisions continue! Was there anyone in those discussions that do not sit in a chair all day?

More money? Of the 24 or so colunms you get credit for during the count how many involve on the street activities? The way management sees it everything on the street is free to them!

Never mind. We don’t get DPS flats, yet.

I can’t get my mind around it. As an RCA working in an office with 18 routes, I primarily work 3 routes by the matrix. Often I’ll get called to do a route I haven’t done but a couple times in a year. We can get quite a few DPS bundles. Each bundle can have the same addresses. How can you set up your truck with so many bundles opened, grab the letters, 13 different flats, packages, box holders, marriage mail, etc. at each mailbox. Then have to remember if someone is a FWD, UTF, on hold, etc. Now do… Read more »

So glad I am retired.

So state law states we are not allowed to handle mail or have it on our laps at anytime while driving. How is gathering all of this at every single box saving time?

I am not happy that I’m driving an LLV in the first place. It takes me longer to deliver out of as is.

It’s not hard just try it on lite days til you find your groove.

They have lost their freaking minds. I say let one of them fools come deliver the mail like that and see how it works for them!

I don’t but for those that do, like most subs do?

How are packages marked?

Yeah and try to get those tubs in front of you while you are driving:)

I do it all the time advos one tray dps other tray and loose cased mail and package markers.

so…case the hotcase mail…pull it down in 1 bundle…take dps to street…2nd bundle….flats to the street..3rd bundle….boxholders..possibly 4 bundles to work….this is gonna be awesome.

Hahaha how bout they actually put them in order first. O m g what a concept. And hey, even if they did that, no. I’m not hourly, I will do them however I like.

Except they are trying to force us to beg for hourly. Like we begged for llv’s. Yeah, how is THAT working out. By the time we get through begging we will be minimum wage.

In my office we don’t have FFS.. So does this not apply?

We don’t have FFS either and have always carried DPS to the street. Nothing new to me.

It will delay a lot of ours. We are constantly giving each other the right addresses out of our dps. For example, I might have pieces for John smith that actually lives on the route next to mine. It’s a daily occurence. A lot of pieces. So I will have to take it with me, bring it back & send it back now. So John Smith will get his mail 2 days later, unless it comes to my dps again. This is going to be a disaster.

Yes and that’s delaying the mail:) I take my DPS to the street, the only mail I case is for the drs offices I case that in.

Bring it back simple.

Is this simply a way to cut time? As a new rca, casing the mail has helped me tremendously in learning my routes.

Ummm yeah

Great idea! What do we do with the unlimited amount of wrong cities, wrong states, & utf? Carry it all back.

What? Someone tell me what this is all about!!???

oh hell no


No but once they put 15k llvs on rural now they can implement it


So I take it every rural route in the country now has a LLV?

They will not be satisfied till we do everything in the most difficult, inefficient, asinine way possible. Just like they were trained to as city carriers.

Some of our routes are so heavy they take it to the street already. Its a lot of juggling for newer subs

No not every place has llvs

Heck no… we dont. If we did, I would sell my jeep back.

Our office, if we don’t get done casing by 11 we have to take the DPS to the street.

longer street time means more fuel to burn.. What a way to save money. Im sure the new contract will say we have to take dps letters to the street to

I know it was that originally.,,

this is dps flats not letters its says

I thought in our contract we had the option if we gave no problems with dispatch? Am I wrong?

Teresa Shaffer Sillivan you guessed it!