USPS instructs rural routes to take DPS Flats directly to the street after fulfillment of RHD agreement

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USPS says the MOU-(DPS-Flats-Vehicle-8-11-2014) to allow routes with USPS provided vehicles to case DPS flats is terminated.  They claim they have fulfilled their obligation to put 15000 RHD Employer provided vehicles on rural routes and they will instruct carriers with Employer provided vehicles to cease casing and strapping out DPS flats on March 30th, 2015. Below is the letter notifying the NRLCA that the August 2014 MOU is terminated.


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So glad I am retired.

They have lost their freaking minds. I say let one of them fools come deliver the mail like that and see how it works for them!

so…case the hotcase mail…pull it down in 1 bundle…take dps to street…2nd bundle….flats to the street..3rd bundle….boxholders..possibly 4 bundles to work….this is gonna be awesome.

Hahaha how bout they actually put them in order first. O m g what a concept. And hey, even if they did that, no. I’m not hourly, I will do them however I like.

In my office we don’t have FFS.. So does this not apply?

We don’t have FFS either and have always carried DPS to the street. Nothing new to me.

Great idea! What do we do with the unlimited amount of wrong cities, wrong states, & utf? Carry it all back.

What? Someone tell me what this is all about!!???

oh hell no


So I take it every rural route in the country now has a LLV?

They will not be satisfied till we do everything in the most difficult, inefficient, asinine way possible. Just like they were trained to as city carriers.

Some of our routes are so heavy they take it to the street already. Its a lot of juggling for newer subs

No not every place has llvs

Heck no… we dont. If we did, I would sell my jeep back.

longer street time means more fuel to burn.. What a way to save money. Im sure the new contract will say we have to take dps letters to the street to

I thought in our contract we had the option if we gave no problems with dispatch? Am I wrong?

Teresa Shaffer Sillivan you guessed it!

What are we supposed to do when we are waiting around on mail? We are short staffed on the clerk side and always waiting! I think we should have a choice to do what ever makes the most sense for the day.

Cause it so much safer to work from multiple piles of mail rather than casing it all and working out of one pile

Well, there goes the friggin’ neighborhood. Now how the heck do they expect us to get done in 8 hours?

I’m confused- are we talking about fss flats only or our dps flats that come in bundles by magazine title?

Except they are trying to force us to beg for hourly. Like we begged for llv’s. Yeah, how is THAT working out. By the time we get through begging we will be minimum wage.

The union better fight this

Wow !!!

with Rural Carriers being on a salary pay why does this even matter to save time on casing?..some times I have a hard time figuring out what upper management up to..Most of what they call “Good ideas” end up costing more than saving..the only concept I can see with this is it’s a prelude to whats about to go nationwide..doing away with fiber domes,consoladating case cells only seems to what the future holds for us all .

Jaime Nunes

FSS flats

Ummm yeah

Is this simply a way to cut time? As a new rca, casing the mail has helped me tremendously in learning my routes.

What the hell are dps flats?

They terminated the grievance too? Thought this was a step 4 that provided us the right to case them. Glad we don’t have them yet.

And ffs flats. 10 years and I don’t even know the lingo still

I am glad we don’t have FSS. YET!

Hello 20/80 problems!


does this crap ever stop….

Fss stand for flat shredded system I don’t give a dammit fawking shit, man I m tired of this crap

Ffs flats are the ones I believe that come bundled in plastic in order, or I’m wrong completely

I say IDIOTS!!!
DPS flats and Letters to the street? IDIOTS!
So This will mean you sit longer on BUSY HWY at mailboxes with your truck hanging halfway in the lane of traffic. In My 25 years I have missed accidents by inches from SPEEDING cars and BIG TRUCKS.
So Glad I have retired.

DPS = delivery point sequence. Flats & letters will eventually arrive post office in your route order (provided your edit book is up to date ). The letter attached to this feed indicates dps flats for rural carriers with an LLV vehicle will have to take flats directly to the street.

I’ve never heard of FFS? Too many acronyms!

U guys have it easy, try being a city carrier and deliver 4 bundles and a truck full of packages with the jack asses crying about us taking a minute too long. Well I guess we choose our own craft, but u all should be happy that u r in the one u chose, plus u wont have to deal with hip, knee and shoulder replacements.

Make us like city carriers like we are the inefficent and most costly per delivery address…..

Btw walked in on a tele come and the dm was saying volune doesnt slow street delivery i loled so hard and asked my pm if she heard that idiot she threw her hands up in the air

We have FFS not hard to take them both to the street.

It’s not hard I case my tub flats and hot case mail and pull down and take dps and advos to street I think it’s a lot easier. Don’t mock it til you try it. It beats standing around.

Bring it back simple.

Ken, this is NOT about “presorts”. Thankful we don’t have FSS in our area! I assume that city is already doing this… I’m already getting griped at about “PM time” being over 5 minutes! Ridiculous! I guess we are supposed to have everything separated on the street, come in, drop & leave? Especially if WE ever go to taking everything to the street as this states!