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USPS Starts Service Performance Measurement (SPM) Sampling on Rural Routes Starting Saturday, September 19, 2015

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The NRLCA is aware that many carriers have already been given service talks on the Service Performance Measurement (SPM) over the last couple of weeks. The USPS prematurely put out talks and begin dates prior to the NRLCA and the USPS agreeing on the terms for this new work function. The NRLCA and the USPS have agreed on compensation and the process for compensation for this new work function for the interim period. The USPS will start the functionality of SPM beginning this Saturday September 19, 2015 across the country. Rural carrier will be compensated 50 seconds for each delivery address that receives a SPM work order and 70 seconds for each SPM work order received for a collection box. Rural carriers will record each day in the comments section of the 4240 when a SPM work order is received. Rural carriers when alerted with an audio or visual alert will not look at the MDD until they are stopped at the next delivery point.

The parties agree that all leave replacements will be compensated on 1314-A each pay period.
Regular carriers will be compensated via 8127 each accounting period (2 pay periods).

The parties agree that after data collection begins, the interim compensation may be adjusted. If the SPM becomes a permanent work function the parties will discuss the appropriate way to build this new work duty into the route evaluations.

Please review the documents below:

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