USPS Starts Service Performance Measurement (SPM) Sampling on Rural Routes Starting Saturday, September 19, 2015

The NRLCA is aware that many carriers have already been given service talks on the Service Performance Measurement (SPM) over the last couple of weeks. The USPS prematurely put out talks and begin dates prior to the NRLCA and the USPS agreeing on the terms for this new work function. The NRLCA and the USPS have agreed on compensation and the process for compensation for this new work function for the interim period. The USPS will start the functionality of SPM beginning this Saturday September 19, 2015 across the country. Rural carrier will be compensated 50 seconds for each delivery address that receives a SPM work order and 70 seconds for each SPM work order received for a collection box. Rural carriers will record each day in the comments section of the 4240 when a SPM work order is received. Rural carriers when alerted with an audio or visual alert will not look at the MDD until they are stopped at the next delivery point.

The parties agree that all leave replacements will be compensated on 1314-A each pay period.
Regular carriers will be compensated via 8127 each accounting period (2 pay periods).

The parties agree that after data collection begins, the interim compensation may be adjusted. If the SPM becomes a permanent work function the parties will discuss the appropriate way to build this new work duty into the route evaluations.

Please review the documents below:

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my boss got some thing in his email and read it to me.

My supervisor doesn’t even know what a 8127 is. I was like really. So he said he will have to check into it. Lol

My pm says they’ll be paying us actual time

The scanner talked to me & it was 3 boxes behind where I was delivering so I had to turn around & go back to the Box it alerted then I had to take all the letter out of the Box & scan the bar codes! and of course this is just another thing we as carriers have to do with out being paid!!!

thanks. Would be nice if we received some instructions on these things.

then you hit ESC to make it go away. when u get back to the house, hit ESC and then W (or some other letter) and it’ll bring up the prompt and then proceed.

That’s horrible!!

We are rural study office, told yesterday this starts Saturday and measurements also. This morning we were told the measurements for Saturday were cancelled but the other scan thing was a go. Then about 15 minutes later supervisor got an email telling him since we are a study site we aren’t included in the new scan study. Now if they could figure out how to stay in the “R” setting after you enter into it instead of every time you hit enter it goes back to original screen and you have go back to “R” to finish what you were… Read more »

This thing really irked us. It did this before the house and we had four boxes before it and one had a package to scan. Had to dig that mail out.

here is how you get out of it, resign your position at the post office and you will no longer have to do the duties you are paid to do.

Tim Edwards Sr

Same old postal bullshit. They implement before the craft knows what’s going on.

We were told. Read this and sign that. That was our talk. Lol

as a RCA I am reading as much about it as possible since I work this Saturday…reckon they will talk to us again Saturday on it

Sounds like a complete waste of time….better make 5 o’clock , rush rush rush, oh hey let us annoy the hell out of you with extra time consuming nonsense while you’re at it…jeez…here’s a thought, let us deliver the damn mail like we all know how to do and stop adding more stupid crap for us to do and shortening our time limits. Ok rant over….yours truly, an annoyed rca

So someone needs to guide me Saturday morning, I won’t be there tomorrow;)

What clerk

Oh that memo

The memo about scanning things at the exact point of delivery.

What memo?

Never ever underestimate the clusterf’ness of this organization.

Pays 70sec 8127 reg.
1314 green card rca

I want to know what do we get out of it?

We have had new scanners also for awhile.

I am a rural and we have had new scanner for months

Stay out of this Kelly Brooks Haynes 🙂

Well I had one on my route on Wednesday….and let me tell u I AM NOT pleased with this. I was on a busy road and I scanner started talking. They tell u an address and how many mail pieces they want scanned for that address. I have called OSHA. They do not like the idea but outside the building they have no jurisdiction… Decided me to DOT. They do NOT like it either…suggest we fill out form 1767 internal safety form and when nothing gets done they will step in….please everyone fill these forms out. It might be your… Read more »

Go ask your pm
They should have told you this week.

But they did hand out that stupid memo.

Just keep in mind we haven’t had the service talk.

It’s probably part of the new standards, as well as the new way we’ll be counted in the future.

Sounds like a backdoor mail count to me.

Wtf is this crap?

Does this mean I have to start carrying my scanner to the door, and how do I get the 8127? We’ll talk about this on Saturday. LoL

This is a test that we maybe part of. I over heard Terry say the scanner was talking yesterday. Lol

They canceled ours today (Thursday 9/17) utf. It sounds to me like a glorified count (that they weren’t supposed to have). Sigh…..

It started on Monday for us

yep, tues we had the standup. Today they said ignore it if we get prompts.

Yeah..PM told us about it this morning. This afternoon..he says..never mind??!?

We were told today rurals are now excempt from this program

Just ignore it and after it gives its little speel of ft from address just press esc…..done

We had a service talk about this Monday. They said it would start Monday. I guess they were wrong.

Reba Hall Oper!!!!!!!?!??!

Mike Nissly

Im so confused. What is today’s date? Is this an old post?

Just got it today. Service talk tomorrow. Lol

I have heard nothing either.

What a great day to start!