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United States Postal Service and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Continue Contract Negotiations

ALEXANDRIA, VA— The United States Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) have agreed to extend contract negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement. Although the contract with the NRLCA expired at midnight on Monday, May 20th, the Postal Service and the NRLCA have mutually decided to extend the negotiations. Meanwhile, the … Read more

USPS: Done deal – USPS, NRLCA sign new contract

Pictured: PMG Megan J. Brennan and NRLCA President Jeannette Dwyer, seated, sign the new agreement at USPS headquarters. Joining them are, from left, USPS Contract Administration Manager Cathy Perron, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson, Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino, NRLCA Vice President Ronnie W. Stutts and USPS Labor Relations Specialist Reggie Rabon. Postal Service … Read more

2015-2018 Contract Signed Between USPS and NRLCA

2015-2018 Contract Signing Ceremony Monday, April 25, 2016 United States Postal Service Headquarters Seated (L-R): Megan Brennan (USPS Postmaster General, Chief Executive Officer), Jeanette Dwyer (NRLCA President) Standing (L-R): Cathy Perron (USPS Manager, Contract Administration (NRLCA)), Jeffrey Williamson (USPS Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President), Douglas Tulino (USPS Vice President, Employee Resource Management), … Read more

2015-2018 National Agreement Ratification Official Results

Pursuant to Article XI, Section 4 of the NRLCA Constitution, “ratification ballots shall be totaled by state, and the results posted on the NRLCA website.” Twenty Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Four (20,174) ballots were processed. The results are: IN FAVOR OF RATIFICATION: 16,739 OPPOSED TO RATIFICATION: 3,368 VOID: 67 TOTAL BALLOTS: 20,174 The 2015-2018 … Read more

USPS statement on ratification of NRLCA contract

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service. The contract covers approximately 119,000 employees represented by the union. Highlights of the agreement include annual general wage increases, a reduction in the employer share of health premiums, and the preservation of workforce structure modifications achieved … Read more

Rural Carrier contract approved by the membership

Pursuant to Article XI, Section 4 of the NRLCA Constitution, the Ratification Committee has completed the tabulation of ballots and reports that the 2015-2018 NRLCA-USPS Tentative National Agreement has been RATIFIED by a vote of 16,739 to 3,368, or 83 percent voting in favor of ratification. A more detailed report from the Ratification Committee will … Read more

Update on Rural Carrier Contract Ratification

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, announcement of a Tentative Agreement on a three-year contract was posted to the NRLCA website “What’s New“ newsfeed. Article XI Section 1 in part requires that at least one ratification meeting shall be held within each State Association. Ratification meetings were scheduled for March 5-6, March 12-13, and March 19-20. … Read more