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Rural Carrier Hero of the Day: Jo Del Hodges, Trinity, NC

Trinity, NC, Rural Carrier Jo Del Hodges was delivering a package to a residence when she heard someone calling for help inside. Hodges entered the unlocked house and found a woman on the bathroom floor. She had been there for several hours and needed medical care. Hodges called 911 and stayed with the woman until … Read more

Rural Carrier hero of the day: Juanita Davis, NC

Warrenton, NC, Rural Carrier Juanita Davis was delivering mail when she came upon a husband and wife attempting to extinguish a fire in their yard. Davis helped them fill buckets of water and carry them to douse the flames. The woman later called the Post Office and said Davis saved her husband’s life because he … Read more

Postal Hero of the day: Dianna Potter, Rural Carrier, South Shore, KY

South Shore, KY, Rural Carrier Dianna Potter was on her route when she saw a man lying in a driveway. Potter rushed to the man’s side, realized he needed medical attention and called 911. She performed CPR on the man until emergency responders arrived and took him to a hospital. He didn’t survive, but his … Read more