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NRLCA releases LOU on Step 4 Closed Business or School

The NRLCA was approached to discuss the Step 4 in reference to the closed business or school.  In that Step 4, if a business/school closed hold contained 8 or more DPS letters, the carrier would receive a parcel during the Evaluated Compensations System (ECS) mail count.  After entering the RRECS environment, this agreement no longer … Read more

Carriers Working Over the Evaluated Hours on Overburdened 48K Routes

If you are assigned to a 48K (57:00 to 57:36 hours), and your actual hours exceed 48 actual work hours, you may be entitled to auxiliary assistance. Temporary relief is covered in the EL-902-The USPS- NRLCA National Agreement, the M-38, and the F-21. USPS Operations is developing a plan to adjust overburdened routes, but in … Read more

Rural carrier whose wages were cut by $20,000 speaks out on slashed pay, harsh working conditions

The WSWS recently spoke with a rural letter carrier for the United States Postal Service about working conditions following the implementation of the new Rural Routes Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS) method of calculating wages. Since its deployment roughly two-thirds of rural letter carriers have reported steep cuts in pay. The RRECS system is an arbitrary evaluation system … Read more

Attacks on rural letter carriers the beginning of devastating restructuring of the US Postal Service

Work at USPS? Tell us what you think about the impact of RRECS and the proposed cuts under “Delivering for America.” All submissions will be kept anonymous. More than 90,000 rural letter carriers for the United States Postal Service (USPS) are battling changes to their compensation which have led to massive pay cuts and longer workweeks. The replacement of … Read more

Rural mail carriers worried about dramatic pay cuts

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Some rural mail carriers in the Lowcountry are concerned about a dramatic pay cut that recently went into effect. They believe the cut in pay means issues with mail not being delivered for days due to a lack of available employees could get even worse. “A lot of carriers have lost … Read more


Rural letter carriers across United States, including in Oklahoma, are dealing with a new work structure that they say affects their hours and pay. After significant pushback and delay, rural mail carriers will see their first severely cut paycheck on May 26. The union protecting those carriers, The National Rural Letter Carriers Association , has filed a … Read more