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Engineer Study update shared at state conventions

This is a fairly technical overview and I do not know what some of the acronyms and such stand for, but there is still some good info to be had. Status Overview Development of system is complete – Beta version available Testing of system components is almost completed Bug fxes and minor enhancements underway Integrated … Read more

Brief update on the Rural Carrier engineer study

The engineers have turned their attention to the three follow-up activities. Activities will continue over the next several months. Engineering panel will be completing work on the amount of personal fatigue and delay allowance time to be included in the standards. Work on the engineered standards is near completion Most of the data to calculate … Read more

Progress report on the Rural Route Engineer Study

The redesign project cranked into high gear early in 2014 when several new high-profile projects were initiated by the Standards Panel consisting of NRLCA Representative, Ken Mericle, USPS Representative, Don Ratliff and the Neutral Chair, Louis Martin-Vega. The Panel has been working closely with IIE Solutions, a team of industrial engineers from the Institute of … Read more

Some information on the new scanners

Some basic information on the new scanners from a rural carrier who just started using it on their route.   The pen attached does not work.. You still have to have the customer sign the 3849. When you deliver something you have to indicate where you left it (in mailbox, at front door, in parcel … Read more

Quick update on the NRLCA/USPS Engineering study

  Thanks for sharing.. DH  Information from union meeting – Main topic of discussion, time study. Seems the USPS has now realized all the unions contracts are expiring in 2015 and they need this time study for negotiations. So the USPS is “now” fully funding the study so that this information can be obtained. There … Read more

Rural Time Standard Engineer Study Update

A quick update- (Thank you Mike) The 3 time-study engineers are out and about in the field now. They visited several offices in the Greensboro district and even rode with one carrier. All 3 are very impressed with the work that we do and the many tasks we have to perform. This includes the engineer … Read more

The Neutral Engineer for the Rural Carrier Time Study

Dr. Louis A. Martin-Vega is the Dean of Engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. With more than 8,500 students, 700 faculty and staff, and $129 million in annual research expenditures, NC State’s College of Engineering is internationally recognized for the excellence of its research, education and outreach programs. In 2008, the … Read more